Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hattie 2.5

My sweet girl, you are officially 2 and a half.  Over the last half year, you have come even further out of your little shell and are letting more and more people into your circle of trust. 

You are sweet, tender and caring, carrying your baby around everywhere you go.  Though her name changes daily, Sadie, Logan, Baby, your love and concern for her do not.  In the middle of a game, book or meal, you will perk up like you heard something, declare that your baby is crying and run to her rescue.

She is not the only baby you adore.  You love them all.  You are like me in this way, we want all the babies.  You've even somehow convinced Daddy that part of your bedtime routine should include watching videos of baby anythings.  Usually a baby animal of somekind, and you get so excited, your eyes light up and my favorite is when you mention that, "and her Mamma loves her."

You started your first organized activity, a dance class.  It was quite predictable that you were cautious to start. You recognized some friends and saw the fun they were having and immediately decided to at least watch.  You spent two entire classes-watching.  Then, after careful observation, you decided you could participate.  I love how you take your time, deciding if something is worthwhile, if the teacher is trustworthy, if the class will allow you to be you and have fun. 

Once you started, you loved swinging that ribbon wand thing around, tapping your tap shoes and belting out "Let it GO!" with the disco ball on.  But, my favorite moment so far was when you kept trying to include the little girl who hadn't decided she wanted "in" on the dance class yet.  You were so concerned by her sadness, drawn to her, wanting to make her feel better.  And you did it, you helped her, she for the first time in 3 straight classes of crying, decided to join in with your help.

 You wear your heart on your sleeve and when all is right in your world, we are all happier.  You love your brothers, Cooper, babies and snacks.

 You challenge me to keep a packed schedule, always asking, "Momma, where we going?"

 That said, if the answer is "the grocery store," you are as excited as if we were going to the Children's Museum, just happy to spend time together. 

 Make sure your future husband knows that quality time is one of your love languages.

 You are starting to have your own sense of style and sense of self.  You are confident and entertaining.

 You love going to "school" which is anywhere you can do arts and crafts, and you especially love to have your nails painted. 

 You are well on you way to becoming a swimmer, showing signs of independence while at the same time, just as happy to take a swim in the bathtub.

 I often feel like I could bring you anywhere.  I could bring you to a library, during a meeting, that the President is leading, and as long as you were with me, you'd be content.

You are such a good sport.  You rally well when short on sleep and you are so understanding when the big kids get to do something that is "not for Hattie."

 Your smile is contagious, and you are not afraid to share your opinion.  You do not like loud things or weird noises and a whole host of other things that you determine as you go.  But you are easy to reason with (usually), as in, it's okay for trucks to drive on the highway to do their jobs even though they are loud.

 As much as you love to be near us, you also love time to yourself.  I will often find you coloring on the porch, reading books in bed or pretending to put your baby to bed.  You are so well-rounded, so balanced.
 One of the first things you ask in the morning is, "Dadda, you going to work today?"  I think it's your way of figuring out what kind of day it is.  Is it a weekday or a weekend?  And when you find out he's leaving, you make sure to ask, "Daddy comes back?"  Of course.  He always will.  When you find out he's not going to work today, your eyes light up.  Because not much is better in your eyes than a day with your daddy.

 I love how your sense of caution has been so well-balanced by your sense of excitement and wonder.  You truly are a gift in every way and I am blessed to be your Mommy.

And Hattie dear, I hope you never forget, that in the way you are intrinsically certain that Mommas love their babies.... my sweet baby, I love you.

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