Monday, September 7, 2015

We lob(ster) you, Daddy

Griffin's new favorite food is lobster, so much for my cheap 4 year old date.  So when Nate's birthday rolled around mid-June we decided to have lobster. 
I got out all of my lobster gear, acquired over the years of Hensel-Massie Lobster Tennis, went to the grocery store and got some lobster.
Got some tips from the butcher...boil 8 minutes in salted water, and dip in old fashioned brown butter sauce.

It was spot on, we devoured it and had so much fun we even forgot to wear our lobster bibs.

One little lobster celebration doesn't do justice to the amount of celebrating we should be doing to honor and thank this man.  Nate you are an incredible father, husband, best friend and love.

We LOB(ster) you.

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