Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My baby, Archie


Today, my baby is ONE.  Archie, you are the hilarious, smiley, fun-loving, active, determined, lovey piece we didn't even know was missing from our family puzzle.

This year has been a whirlwind, and to say all of the clich√© statements that it flew by, I can't believe it's been a year, where did it go, would all be understatements. 

And yet, we have had such a richly blessed, fun-packed year with you that I kind of can believe your birthday is here.

You have challenged us in new ways and taught us new things that your brother and sister haven't.  You have stolen all of our hearts, we are all-in for you.

 Griffin and Hattie adore you and love that you are becoming a playmate of theirs.  Hattie can't stand it when you cry, "Mom, Archie needs you," she hollers.  Griffin knows just how to get you roaring with laughter and he fills the big brother role of taking care of you when I need it most.

 Your contagious sneaky smile has us all guessing what little joke is playing in your head, or what trick you have up your sleeve.

You are the light of our lives and we can't wait to celebrate you this weekend at your dedication ceremony and birthday party.  If this year is any indication of how much joy you'll bring to those in your life, I like our odds.

 You will roll a ball and chase it around the whole house.  And your many faces always keep us guessing.

 You have had to be so flexible with schedules and what a champ you are.  Over the summer we took a break from drop offs and now as the school year and activities have started, so have our own baby preschool classes.  I dropped you off at MOPS last week, you kept putting your face right in front of mine, grabbing my cheeks and looking me in the eyes.  As if you were saying, "Mom, I am not ready for this, stay with me, don't forget about me."

 You are ready, little one.  It is I who is not ready for you to grow up.

As we reach this daunting milestone, age is just a number anyhow, and Archie-you will ALWAYS be my baby.  Happy Birthday, my sweet love.




  1. look him "naked" like in the photo, I just want to hold him now and at once!!!!!! <3 @@

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