Friday, September 4, 2015

Entertainment Center

Not the kind of entertainment center you are thinking of.  I'm not that talented, I don't have that much time and we don't need any more furniture:).  This mini-entertainment center was made for Griff and his cousin Levi for Christmas.  All it takes is a scrap of plywood, sanding, staining, poly and a trip through the latches and locks aisle at Home Depot.
First, I sanded it down so it would be splinter-free for little hands. I also made sure to sand down the corners pretty well so they were slightly rounded.
Then, I stained both sides of the plywood.

And finally, a few coats of poly.
Then came the fun part. I arranged as many of the latches and locks I could find and just drilled them in!

The only thing I should still do to make it even better, is add a felt layer on the backside so the other sides of the screws weren't exposed (not the sharp ends...I made sure those weren't all the way through!).

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