Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Archie: 11 months

And....he's on the move!  It's amazing what a difference a month can make.  At 10 months he was on all fours to sitting, and moving around slowly by his constant changing positions.  1 month later, and he's into everything, moving everywhere and leaving a trail of mess in his wake. 

Archie-now that you are on the move you are so. much. happier.  You are thrilled to be able to follow and join in what Griffin and Hattie are doing, but you also like to take time to explore things by yourself.  While preparing meals and cleaning up have their own new challenges with your newfound mobility, you at least aren't screaming because you can't get something.  You just go right ahead and play in Cooper's water dish at your heart's desire.
You are a little sneaky one.  You are an observer and active participant.  You totally get the humor that unfolds around you and you partake whenever you can.  The looks on your face continue to amaze me.  I've said it before, but you wear your heart on your sleeve.  Frustration, confusion, joy, sadness, caution, and that sneaky little eyebrow furrow. 

Your tummy, under arms, and under your chin are extremely ticklish.  And you love to be tickled.  Over and over and over again.  You have a few times let out this screechy scream that is hilarious. 

 You love to play peek-a-boo, give high fives and wave. 

But, your favorite game is catch.  You will play catch and throw for days.  I feel like I'm always the one that has to walk away or get a sub because you would never give it up.  Your face lights up when you see a ball, and even more when someone wants to play it with you.  You put your hands up when you are ready to catch it and you bounce throw it right back. It speaks to your already visible determination and patience to work at something you love.

You continue to eat your squooshi packs of mushed veggies and are slowly experimenting with more and more finger foods.  You are sleeping well, 7-7 and napping well from 12:30-3:30 (ish).  We are trying to keep you awake through lunch, 1 nap in the afternoon seems to suit you.  You still have a beautiful toothless grin and your babbles are starting to be more varied, though your most clear words are "mamama...." but only when you are hungry.  Go figure.

As we approach the exciting and dreaded one-year-mark, I am overjoyed with the baby you've been, the toddler you are becoming and the sweet addition you have been to our family.  We all adore you and the fun you bring, the way you adoringly watch us all and the personality we are beginning to experience. 

 You light up the room, you light up our family, you light up our lives.

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