Friday, August 7, 2015

Archie: 10 months

Ten months is eerily close to a year. Yikes. Archie, you are starting to seem more toddler like each day and less and less like a baby. You are starting to move, can't call it crawling quite yet. You sit and move to all fours, and then go back to sitting in a new direction.

Sitting up in your crib at naptime has posed a bit of a problem because you're not quite as masterful at laying yourself back down.

You wear your heart on your sleeve Archie Man. The facial expressions you make, I couldn't count on all of our fingers and toes.

You are babbling up a storm, even throwing some, "mamamama" in there. That's my guy.

You are starting to be less interested in your pureed foods, in fact you really love to feed yourself. And throw your food and spoons to the floor, just to see what happens.

 And watch out for your left hook. You can snag anything with it.

You are on the brink of a whole new world.  The entire world livingroom is at your fingertips, literally. We are excited for the entertainment and challenge that you moving will bring to us all.  You love to play rolly polly.  I am amazed at how you are drawn to watching, throwing and playing with balls, and how you seem to understand the game.

You have loved going to beaches and pools, and can sit in the sand for hours as the waves roll in over your toes.  You are so content to watch the big kids play and jump in when you can.  And you know how to get our attention when you need to.  You love to practice your wave and your clapping.  And you are so proud of yourself.  And so are we.
The many faces of Archie have us laughing constantly.  Your eyes are so expressive and your smile lights up the room. You are one awesome little guy.

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