Friday, June 26, 2015


My dad is always on time.  In my pre-kids life, so was I.  Someday I hope to be like that again.  It eats me up when we are late, which means I'm stressed out only, every day.  Just wanted to make a quick should out to the dads on a random day, since I'm a tad later for Father's Day. 
Dads are pretty awesome.  And I have to say I'm pretty proud of the pick I made for the dad of my kids.  He loves to get on the floor and play, he holds them to high standards, they love to make him proud and he has such amazing insights to teach them...things I don't even think of.   
It has been especially sweet watching Nate fall in love with Archie.  If you asked Nate, he would probably tell you he's not a baby person.  While he loved Griffin in his newborn-ness he really started loving his time with him when he got to know him more, when Griffin started to have more of a personality and he could interact with us.  Nate is the person Griffin most adores on the planet, even above Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan.  He has big (literally) shoes to fill.  Hattie was a bit tougher as a baby because she was so attached to me.  Now as a toddler, she has fallen in love with him and it is so special to see their father-daughter relationship evolve.
Archie on the other hand, has had Nate in the palm of his hand since his entrance to the world.  The moments between them are so sweet.  The looks they share, the giggles and the snuggles.  And there is nothing more enjoyable for me to watch than the two of them loving each other.

While I got to choose Nate to be the father of my kids, I didn't get to choose my own dad.  And I am beyond blessed, I got the best one ever.  He loves me and my kids and lives a life with purpose, an extraordinary example for us all to emulate.

I know from the way I look up to my own dad, that being a dad is a tough job.  A big role, one which requires strong leadership, thoughtful decision making, hard work and lots and lots of love.  We are so blessed to have wonderful dads in our lives.  Nate, Dad, Ian and Dan in particular, but all of the dads before them who were such positive examples to their kids.  So to dads everywhere, thank you.  Thank you for showing up, lovingly watching and playing with your kids, and encouraging them to greatness.

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