Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Archie: 8 months

8 months came and went.  It's probably better I didn't capture it in the moment.  It was one of the more difficult months for Archie.  Naps were hard to come by as carseat napping is no longer happening, so a nap on the fly in the morning was anything but quality.  And you know how sleep begets sleep in babies?  Well, it definitely does.  And when his morning naps suffer, so do his afternoon naps.  So by dinner time he was so cranky, hungry and tired that he cried his way through dinner, swallowing bites amidst his hysterical sobs.

He also has gained a sense of separation anxiety.  And just to follow his sister Hattie's lead, he can't even watch me walk through the room without crying out to me.  Yes, I love to be needed and wanted that much, but I also have to wash my hands after changing Hattie's diaper, and he needs to learn to wait. 

 But in the midst of all that crankiness he is still such a little chubby, smiley, happy, giggly little bundle of joy.

He is officially sitting, rolling over both ways, no crawling, no teeth, not pulling up and still eats mostly all blended veggies (puffs still cause him to choke, though he does like Mums....a lot).  And he is starting to love playing peek-a-boo, trying to wave and says a lot of "dadada" and "lalalala".  He also likes to stick out his tongue.

The love is mutual between him and his sibs.
His open mouthed kisses and grabby hugs still melt me...
 And those eyes...there is so much  curiosity, excitement, wonder, love and joy in those eyes.  Archie, I know you are yearning for the independence that will come when you can move and explore, and your desire to be close is a testament to your love and trust in your family.  We love you through the struggles of this month.  You are already an amazingly resilient kid.  We beyond love you.

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