Thursday, May 7, 2015


One cold winter day, we finally joined the zoo.  It has been such a fun place to go to change up the usual routine and its fairly easy to bring all three. 
While I do enjoy seeing the animals myself, I enjoy much more watching Griffin and Hattie's little faces, the awe, wonder and questions observing the animals bring.

It's hands-on, stimulating and they walk the entire zoo.

The Minnesota Trail is our favorite.  What can I say, they know and appreciate their roots.

Five wolf pups were rescued last May from a fire up north, and they are awesome.  They are playful and interactive.

I could stare at them all day.  Unfortunately however, I think they are the source of Griffin's recent surge in nightmares.

I love seeing their love for learning. Their questions.  The way they desire to understand their environment.  They truly are kids of a science teacher.

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