Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pa is 60.

My dad, Pa, as he is affectionately known by the kids, is 60 today.  I'm sure he would tell you it's just another day, just another number.  He is so busy, active, healthy and involved, that he's right.  It is just a number.  But the day should be special.  The day should celebrate the man.  The man he has been, the man he is, and the man he still is yet to become.
 My kids already have so many memories of Pa.  Things they will forever associate with him.  Lots of food items, fresh baked bread, hummus and "nola," are many of his deliveries.  He has his own set of stories he riffles off that bring me back to my own childhood.  And he's always there for us.
Dad, you are an extraordinary man.  You've accomplished so much in your first 60 years and I am blessed to have you as my dad and my kids' Pa.  I look forward with anticipation to what the next phase of your life brings.  You are a role model to me and I love you so much.
I am so blessed to have you as my dad and as a resource for so many things.  You are my go-to for any home/car repair advice, for conversation about new health/food trends, and you are an example to me for so many attributes that I aspire to posses.  Loyalty, honesty, humility, generosity. You always encourage me in my faith and you always have a good story to tell.  I am happy to report, I have inherited your ability to use your hands while telling a story:).
Happy Birthday, Pa!

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