Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My helper

I've always been a big believer in teaching kids to do chores or jobs around the house.  I want it to be ingrained in them so that it just is what it is.  There is no option, no payment, no reward, no punishment, they just do.  With Griffin as the oldest and leader, I have the perfect example in him to teach the others to be a helper. 

Being a helping is second nature to him.  It is way down deep in his core.  He wants to help, he loves to help.  And I love that he will teach Hattie and Archie to help just by his example.

Having our babies all so close together, I really do NEED his help.  He lets out the dog, fills our water cups, brings me diapers, wipes, and finds things when Hattie and Archie (and mommy and daddy) are missing them.

One of his most important jobs these days is making Archie happy while I'm cooking.  He makes him laugh, brings him toys and just keeps him company.  What a love.

He recently wanted to help fill Cooper's water dish.  It's way too heavy for him, and he probably couldn't reach even with his stool.  So he decided to fill up his water glass from the fridge water about 8 times and filled Cooper's bowl.  When he was all done, Cooper went right over and started lapping it up.  I told Griffin that Coopy thanked him for filling his water because he was really thirsty.  To that Griffin responded, "Well Coopy, if you're ever in trouble, all you need to do is yelp for help and I'll help you."  It's a bit plagiarized from his favorite show, "Paw Patrol," but....

....he meant every word.

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