Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hattie: 2 years

Hattie girl.  You are two.  Your personality and vocabulary have exploded.  You have a wonderful and silly sense of humor, exacerbated by your silly brother and the two of you trying to make each other laugh. Always.

You love anything "Frozen," though you still think all princess things are just called, "frozen."  You sing, "Let it Go!" and "Cut the Ice" all the time.  You can now sing your ABC's and count to 10.  While I am aware you won't remember this day, we will remember it for you.  I promise it was special, you felt special and you knew it was "Happy Birthday Hattie Day."

You are sometimes slow to warm up/wake up in the morning.  Showing us your cautious, careful side.  While I didn't think you'd blow through the balloon and streamer set up like Griffy did on his last birthday, I didn't think you'd be sacred of them:).

We had the house all decorated for the morning of your birthday, and while you weren't a fan of the door décor, you loved that the house was decorated and special.  Since you LOVE to jump, it was only natural that you get a trampoline for your birthday. You love it.  You can even now jump on one leg.  The face you make is hilarious.  You are so funny.

We had donuts for breakfast, and went to the zoo!.

We went to dinner at Woodhill and then came home for cupcakes from Sweet Retreat.  It was a sweet day, for our sweet little girl.  You are such a little love and I am already in awe of your beauty and happiness.  You make our life sweet, Hattie girl.

Happy Birthday.

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