Monday, March 30, 2015

Archie: 6 months

What!?!  How is Archie 6 months?  No, not possible.  He was just born.  And in so many ways he is still such a baby, so there is no way he is six months old. 

But this, this little guy.  He has so much joy.  His eyes, his smile, his whole body ...just full of joy.  He is so reactive to a greeting, from a familiar or strange face...doesn't matter.  He's just happy to have someone oogle over him.  He deserves oogle-ing.  He's that cute.

Though it makes me sad and nostalgic already to think that he's six months, this point in his development has marked a positive turn for us.  He is sleeping and eating better, he's starting to sit (making him slightly more independent) and he's more and more interactive which makes him more and more interesting to Griffin and Hattie.

He has this new zest for hugs.  When you pick him up or play peek-a-boo with him, he lunges for a hug.  He grabs whatever he can and holds on tight.  Like he never wants that hug to end. 

He coos and giggles, and drools and chews on everything.  No teeth.  Love his solid food and has a hard time nursing/taking bottles.  He's so distracted.  He wants in on all the action.  He loves the bath and loves being tickled.  For those of you who know Nate's laugh, and I don't mean his laugh, I mean his fall of your chair laugh...Archie has it too.

Archie is such a joy and he lights up at anyone, but the reaction Nate gets when Archie sees beyond words.  These two have had a bond from the beginning.  After recently looking at some of Nate's baby pictures, we concluded Archie looks even more like Nate than Griffin did.  Even when it's not my moment, Nate and Archie gazing at each other, I have a new love for both of them just seeing how much they enjoy each other.

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