Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hattie: 2 years

Hattie girl.  You are two.  Your personality and vocabulary have exploded.  You have a wonderful and silly sense of humor, exacerbated by your silly brother and the two of you trying to make each other laugh. Always.

You love anything "Frozen," though you still think all princess things are just called, "frozen."  You sing, "Let it Go!" and "Cut the Ice" all the time.  You can now sing your ABC's and count to 10.  While I am aware you won't remember this day, we will remember it for you.  I promise it was special, you felt special and you knew it was "Happy Birthday Hattie Day."

You are sometimes slow to warm up/wake up in the morning.  Showing us your cautious, careful side.  While I didn't think you'd blow through the balloon and streamer set up like Griffy did on his last birthday, I didn't think you'd be sacred of them:).

We had the house all decorated for the morning of your birthday, and while you weren't a fan of the door d├ęcor, you loved that the house was decorated and special.  Since you LOVE to jump, it was only natural that you get a trampoline for your birthday. You love it.  You can even now jump on one leg.  The face you make is hilarious.  You are so funny.

We had donuts for breakfast, and went to the zoo!.

We went to dinner at Woodhill and then came home for cupcakes from Sweet Retreat.  It was a sweet day, for our sweet little girl.  You are such a little love and I am already in awe of your beauty and happiness.  You make our life sweet, Hattie girl.

Happy Birthday.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Archie: 6 months

What!?!  How is Archie 6 months?  No, not possible.  He was just born.  And in so many ways he is still such a baby, so there is no way he is six months old. 

But this guy....wow, this little guy.  He has so much joy.  His eyes, his smile, his whole body ...just full of joy.  He is so reactive to a greeting, from a familiar or strange face...doesn't matter.  He's just happy to have someone oogle over him.  He deserves oogle-ing.  He's that cute.

Though it makes me sad and nostalgic already to think that he's six months, this point in his development has marked a positive turn for us.  He is sleeping and eating better, he's starting to sit (making him slightly more independent) and he's more and more interactive which makes him more and more interesting to Griffin and Hattie.

He has this new zest for hugs.  When you pick him up or play peek-a-boo with him, he lunges for a hug.  He grabs whatever he can and holds on tight.  Like he never wants that hug to end. 

He coos and giggles, and drools and chews on everything.  No teeth.  Love his solid food and has a hard time nursing/taking bottles.  He's so distracted.  He wants in on all the action.  He loves the bath and loves being tickled.  For those of you who know Nate's laugh, and I don't mean his laugh, I mean his fall of your chair laugh...Archie has it too.

Archie is such a joy and he lights up at anyone, but the reaction Nate gets when Archie sees him...is beyond words.  These two have had a bond from the beginning.  After recently looking at some of Nate's baby pictures, we concluded Archie looks even more like Nate than Griffin did.  Even when it's not my moment, Nate and Archie gazing at each other, I have a new love for both of them just seeing how much they enjoy each other.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My helper

I've always been a big believer in teaching kids to do chores or jobs around the house.  I want it to be ingrained in them so that it just is what it is.  There is no option, no payment, no reward, no punishment, they just do.  With Griffin as the oldest and leader, I have the perfect example in him to teach the others to be a helper. 

Being a helping is second nature to him.  It is way down deep in his core.  He wants to help, he loves to help.  And I love that he will teach Hattie and Archie to help just by his example.

Having our babies all so close together, I really do NEED his help.  He lets out the dog, fills our water cups, brings me diapers, wipes, and finds things when Hattie and Archie (and mommy and daddy) are missing them.

One of his most important jobs these days is making Archie happy while I'm cooking.  He makes him laugh, brings him toys and just keeps him company.  What a love.

He recently wanted to help fill Cooper's water dish.  It's way too heavy for him, and he probably couldn't reach even with his stool.  So he decided to fill up his water glass from the fridge water about 8 times and filled Cooper's bowl.  When he was all done, Cooper went right over and started lapping it up.  I told Griffin that Coopy thanked him for filling his water because he was really thirsty.  To that Griffin responded, "Well Coopy, if you're ever in trouble, all you need to do is yelp for help and I'll help you."  It's a bit plagiarized from his favorite show, "Paw Patrol," but....

....he meant every word.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Archie: 5 months

Archie-man.  Your new nickname from Hattie girl and Griffy guy.  You are becoming a little man.  Less and less evidence of your baby-ness and more and more wanting to be one of the big kids.  You want in on all the action, typical of a third child, but not so typical in that you sure let us know when you're not happy just watching.  You want IN.  My man, you need to learn to sit.  The ceiling is just not so fun to stare at anymore, and tummy time while tolerable, is still hard.
As for sleeping, you are two steps forward, one step back.  You were sleeping and napping, then we had to break the swaddle.  EEEeeek.  Then you learned to sleep unswaddled (not happily), but you wake up all the time.  I don't know if your laryngomalacia has caused apnea, or if you are just seriously fearful of missing out on the fun, but you do not want to nap.  You sleep pretty soundly at night until the wee hours of the morning.  You're big enough and old enough to make it through until morning without eating, but it has been a hard habit for you (and I) to break.
In the midst of being I'm sure sleep deprived, you are the brightest light in the room.  Your smile, still contagious, still magical.  You have such empathy, mirroring the emotions you see on others' faces.  Your eyes search for activity and for your mommy.  You kick like crazy when you are about to eat or if your milk gets taken away.  You have just started to try baby oatmeal cereal, and just as I suspected, you roll with it. 
You've rolled over exactly once.  It was a fluke, but Griffin, Hattie and I celebrated and tried to catch it on video, but you haven't repeated.  You love to be outward facing in the bjorn or be held, you do not like it when you are laying on the floor and everyone leaves the room.  Fear of missing out.  Big time.
We recently saw your empathy in a whole new realm.  Nate and turned on a clip of America's Funniest Home Videos to see a good old fashioned wipe out to bring some giggles to the house and every time someone fell (and we laughed), Archie cried.  Not sure if it was the loud and sudden commotion, or if he really just has a heart for seeing people hurting, probably the former, but I think the latter is a bit of insight into the man he will become.
Oh, and if you can't tell, his hands (and anything he touches) are in his mouth, constantly.
Archie-man, you are my man.  You have my whole heart.  You have captivated your daddy in a whole new way and your brother and sister are crazy about you.  They too, cannot wait for you to get in on all the action.