Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"DA" je vous

I feel like we were just doing this.  Oh yeah, we were.  Hattie bit the end off of her "Da." 
And with that, my oh-so-reliable sleeper is struggling to fall into a new rhythm.  Griffin was slightly older when he gave up his "da," and with a bit of bribery and coaxing, it only took a few days before he forgot all about the old "da."
 Hattie on the other hand, she misses her da.  She wakes up and wants us to "fix it," she takes much longer to go to sleep, and in general she's a bit whinier, crabbier (especially when she wakes up from her nap).

 She needs a lot more snuggles from me, also hard to come by when Archie needs to be fed.  But I do have to give her credit.  She had to grow up a lot this fall.  A lot has changed, and she has dealt with it all, like a champ. 

 Some days it is so hard to be patient with her.  She still follows me around, everywhere.  And now that she's talking, her favorite words are, "Mamma, uppy please?"  I try to say yes, when I can and I try to explain why when I can't.
She has also started to put her hands in her mouth when she's sad, embarrassed, _____ (you fill in the blank), and I think it's in an attempt to comfort herself without her "da."  I know it is a valuable lesson to learn (to comfort yourself without a nuk), but it has been a hard one for her to learn.

Hattie girl, in your own words let that nuk go, "Let it go...  Let it go....."