Friday, January 9, 2015

More Love.

Griffin is the only kid who could actually articulate what he was thankful for this year.  We know Archie and Hattie are thankful, they would probably have amazing things to say, if they could talk. 

Someday we'll get to know what they're thinking. 

But Griffin could say it this year.  And over and over again, he was thankful for Archie and Hattie.  And Coopie.  We know he's thankful for his grandparents, us, his neighbors, preschool etc.  But, Archie and Hattie are his life. 

At Woodbury Thanksgiving, he went around the entire circle, naming everyone...saying he was thankful for them.  And.....Uncle Tim.

He melts my heart in the way that he so deeply loves and connects with his little siblings.  Griffin I am thankful for you and the heart you have for our family...and especially our littles.

So, in the spirit of the New Year, I don't have time or clarity this year to articulate a specific list of resolutions.  But when I see the love my kids have for each other...I know we are doing something right.  So this year, on to more.  More love.  More family, more friends, more playdates, more dinners, more fun.  More.  Love.

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