Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Archie: 3 months

Last Saturday morning I woke up in a fury.  Ready to tackle my Christmas "to-do" list after being behind after a few days of Griffin getting though a fever bought and Nate struggling through the same thing.  I rattled off all of the things that needed to be accomplished while Nate watched the kids and then I rolled over to check on Archie in his bassinet.  He was warm.  He ate, and then immediately wanted to fall back asleep, so we let him.  Nate went off to some showings and the kids and I tried to get going on the day.  It wasn't long before I realized that Archie had a fever.  I took his temp, 101.8.  Gave him his first dose of Tylenol.  An hour later, the fever hadn't budged.  After a long day of Urgent Cares, Doctors, Nurses, and a Hospital visit, Archie had influenza.   Thankfully it was over as quickly as it started and with a few days of rest and quarantine, we ridded our house of that nasty virus.  All before he was 3 months old.  By Tuesday, while still a bit pale, he was back to happy self.

In his short three months we have experienced a few health issue/scares and it has really made me appreciate overall how healthy our kids have been.  It has also made me appreciate what a resilient little guy Archie is.  In the midst of illness, struggling to breathe, snorting, snoring, etc. he is soooo happy.  Joyful.  All the time.  Except when you want him to nap all by himself.:) 

This month he started cooing and giggling.  Which added to his already infectious smile, is a heart-stopper.  He is ticklish all over, but especially his back and upper arms.  He loves to be kissed and get little burgers on his neck.  And he especially loves to watch and get face time with his brother and sister.

Archie is so reactive, especially responsive to eye contact.  As soon as his eyes meet someone's...instant smile.  He reminds me a lot of Griff as a baby in this way.  And he does look an awful lot like Griff when he smiles.  When he's sleeping he looks more like Hattie.  Oh and when he sleeps, he prays.

His schedule is about the same eating every three hours during the day 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10 and then usually once during the night.  Sometimes he lets us sleep the whole night through.  He did give us a run for our money at night for about a week, not wanting to fall asleep from 7-10 and then being so tired he could barely get his last feed in.  What we've discovered is that he just wants to go to bed by 7.  If we try to get him to bed before the others, he goes right down and is down for the count.

 What a sweet, smiley, and loving boy you have already become my little Archie-man.  Hattie loves to sing to you, "Archie-pie, Archie-pie..."  And if you cry, Hattie is the first to run to you.  Even in the middle of her ECFE class and playing with her friends, if she hears you, you are all hers.  You have already taught me how quickly my love can multiply and your health scares have definitely put my perspectives into their proper place.  Christmas will be special this year, whether or not the presents, food, cookies get done, because we have you, our best gift of the year.

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