Sunday, November 30, 2014

Woodburys to the rescue!

Look closely in the background of this picture.  And now look at these two.  This is what they, and our house looked like for 31 days.  They put their costumes on every day in October.  It was good practice in getting dressed.  It may be a new parenting technique.  You want your kids to learn how to dress themselves?  Find something they really want to wear and put it in their room.  They will attempt to put it on to show anyone who walks through the door, and at least one other time a day, just for fun.

We followed Griff's lead this year.  He wanted to be Batman, so we all joined in the superhero fun.

I really don't even know how he knows who Batman is, but I agree, dressing up with a cool mask and
 Archie even got a cape.  Hattie was thrilled to have a tail.
Meme to the rescue! As always on Halloween (and most other days of the year).  She always knows when to just show up and help.

 We were that family that handed out glowsticks instead of candy.  What can I say?  I didn't want to get stuck with a bucket of candy post Halloween that I would sneakily pick at throughout the next month of naptimes.  And I really did think kids would like them.

We got to about 10 houses this year.  It was chilly, not cold.  But chilly enough that 10 pieces of candy was enough for Griff to call it a night.

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