Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Part of the pack

Archie is in.  One of the pack.  I no longer worry that heading out to the car we will mistakenly drive off, never having brought Archie's infant carseat and snapped it into the car.  I used to make sure to load him first out of fear that I would forget him.  He's so quiet and doesn't ask for much, so you could see how he could easily slip under the radar. 

But he's part of the pack.  Griffin and Hattie know his schedule, understand he has to eat, get put down for naps and get his diaper changed, a lot.  They also want to hold him all the time.  They both want to be the one to make him smile and coo. 

Griffin is a little tentative to be alone in his room or the bathroom these days.  He's going through a curious phase and his imagination is going wild.  That has left him a bit scared of being alone.  That being said, when he needs something in his room or needs to go to the bathroom, he wants someone nearby.  Up until this week, his go-to has been Hattie.  He finds a way to make it intriguing, "Hattie!  Want to come to my room and help me pick out my socks?! Yeah?!"  And to that of course she replies, "Yeah!"

But this week, while I was making lunch, Hattie was already in her high chair and he needed to go potty.  He started dancing around, the potty dance I assumed, and I said I would follow him toward the bathroom as soon as I finished washing something.  He headed toward the bathroom and then shot back at me, "Actually mom, it's ok.  Archie is sleeping in your room, so he's with me."

Not that three year olds are known for their logic, but seriously, what would Archie or Hattie do to protect him from whatever googly-eyed monster he thinks is hiding in the shower or the closet?  Nothing.  It's not about having someone to protect him, it's about having someone with him.  His pack. And the pack is officially, a pack of three.

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