Thursday, November 27, 2014

FULL of thanks.

I am so full of thanks, I am about to burst.  When I think about everything in my life for which I am grateful, I am overcome with emotion, happy tears, lumpers, as my grandpa called it.  Or maybe it's just hormones.  Either way, here goes.

Jesus.  I know he is not the reason for this season.  But He is the reason for all the seasons.  I am incredibly grateful for the people of our faith community, my Mom's Morning Group, my MOPS group, our church family and our small group.  Accountability, fellowship and encouragement overflow from the amazing people I get to do life with.  "We love because he first loved us." -1 John 4:19  And I am thankful for all that love.

Family.  I don't know when the transition happens from your parents being, just your parents, to being your best friends, but we have pretty awesome parents.  And therefore our kids have pretty awesome grandparents.  I heard a statistic somewhere that the number one indicator of your kids making it through their teenage years somewhat ok, is having at least 5 adults other than their parents who care about them, who check in on them, who they trust.  Well, our kids have 6.  Just in their grandparents.  That doesn't even count their fantastic aunts, uncles and all of our friends who love on them.  What an advantage.

Cousins.  We recently rekindled a family dinner of sorts with the cousins.  It's crazing getting five kids 4 and under together, no doubt about it.  But, how special it is that these cousins will have friends for life, in each other.   And I sure do love my nephews.  I am determined to be an adult that they can trust will be on their side.  Not to mention Auntie Liss and Uncle Joe are some of our very best friends, and they love on our kids.

My marriage.  Nate and I have been together at some capacity since we were 15.  Now we're 30.  We've been together for half of the time we've been alive.  We have been through our share of struggles, but God has continued to bless our marriage, constantly teaching us new things about how to better relate to each other.  I am so thankful for how hard Nate works and sacrifices for me to be able to stay home with our kids.  He misses a lot.  They sometimes prefer me because I'm with them all.the.time.  But, he graciously works his tail off so I can be with them all day.  He is so loyal and has a way of making each of us feel so incredibly special.  I am so thankful to get to be a parent with him.  I adore him.

Some my find it silly to be thankful for a dog, but if you have one, you know.  Or if you don't, look into #theoandbeau.  Cooper brings so much joy to our lives.  The kids love him, we love him.  He is probably the most neglected he's ever been, and he handles it like a champ.  With each child we've brought home to our family, he's become more protective.  And by that I mean, barks at every little thing that could be something.  It does not jive well with sleeping kids, but I try to remember he's protecting us, as he sits on his post at the end of the couch.

My kids.  If it were possible to type in "Choked Up" font rather than "Times New Roman," please continue reading in "choked up." Words do not do justice to the amount of thanks I have for my children.  It's pretty incredible that love I have for my kids is the same love God has for us.
These kids daily bring me joy, frustration, laughter, contentment, challenges, and hope.  I assure you, lady at the grocery store urging me to "savor these moments, they grow up so fast," I am savoring these moments.  I do not relish in every moment of every day....but in the midst of piles of laundry, dishes, errands to run, lessons to learn, I stop.  I stare at my sleeping babies.  I drop my chores to play on the floor.  I am willing to be late to have one more snuggle.  I can put off going to the bathroom so you can hold your brother.  I don't always do these things, but I do them when they matter.  And I am thankful, so very thankful.

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