Sunday, November 23, 2014

Archie: 2 months

He has a nicknames.  Which means he has officially been accepted as one of the pack by the kiddos.  Nate may have casually called him Archibald one day and Griffin picked up on it.  Our sweet neighbor Julia thought we were calling him Archie Bob, and so they have all stuck.  Along with Archie Man.  Because he is just that.  A little man.

He is so handsome.  His baby acne is gone, and his blue eyes shine bright.  His smile is breathtaking.  His future wife has no idea how lucky she is.  We do.

See...breathtaking and contagious.

Nate thinks I'm an idealist in my recall of our children, their behaviors, their sleeping patterns, so take this update with a grain of salt.  I think I am just a perpetual optimist and can recall correctly, just with a positive spin.  Or my hormones cause me to forget anything negative, hence the desire of women to continue to have more babies in the midst of sleep deprivation.

Sleep and schedules have come very easy for Archie.  I'm sure some of it is being one of three, and knowing there just isn't a lot of one on one attention to be given.  They all get attention all the time, they just have to share it.  He's already on the baby schedule that's burned into my mind.  7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10.  He's starting to skip nighttime feedings and has even given me a handful of 8 hour stretches.  I don't like to say that too loudly...and we know there are plenty of sleepless nights to come, but for now, we "woo hoo!"

He's gaining weight like a champ and growing out of clothes much quicker than I'm fitting back into mine.

And he's smiling.  The sweetest, most genuine smile you've ever seen.  He makes incredible eye contact, and when I use my sing-songy voice to talk to him, he smiles.  A lot.  Not just his mouth...his whole face.  I'm going to show you, again. 

He is such a content, calm little guy.  I think he's cried an accumulative hour so far in his life.  He is wonderful, in every way.

And in the midst of the wonderful, he is still sounding congested.  His breathing is heavy and labored.  His chest strains to get air through his tiny airways.  He snores.  All the time. We saw an ENT this week and found out he has laryngomalcia, which basically means his voicebox collapses upon inhale.  It is fairly common in newborns and there really isn't anything to treat it.  Just wait it out.  Pinpointing the reason for the snorts was a bit of a relief, but we have a long road ahead.  It typically gets worse until about 4 months and then starts to improve.  They don't fully outgrow it until about 18 months.  Thankfully, with his healthy weight gain, there shouldn't be anything for us to worry about, and there shouldn't be any long term symptoms after it fully resolves. We have started seeing a chiropractor with the hope that the nerves innervating his upper respiratory system can be relived of any pressure, to get this guy breathing quietly.  And we have about a million of our friends and family praying for him.

We talk about it a lot, but it's amazing how wonderful he is, all the while working to breathe. 

We can only pray that breathing comes easier, soon.  Because easy breathing makes me smile, and that makes him smile and that makes me smile.

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