Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Ponies

This might be a post of pictures rather than words, because you just need to experience it yourself.  We went to Two Pony Gardens for their Pizza Night.  It was an incredible evening.  We got there around 4:30 and explored the amazing Dahlia gardens.

We met the ponies...a mom and baby.

Hattie was captivated by Harriet ('Hattie') the pony.

We met some of our dearest friends there and it was the perfect family night.

Made even more perfect by the giant downpour that roared through right as the pizzas were all coming out of the pizza oven.  The incredibly gracious hostess let everyone pack into her house.  We steaked out a spot on the screened in porch, which was the most amazing room. Ever.

Swinging beds that the kids could have played on (and spent the night on had the rain not stopped) for ever.

Her farm cottage was amazing.  Coy fish pond, inviting dining room table for 50, and a piano that led itself to a perfect impromptu sing-along.

And made even better by such wonderful company.  Some of my best girl friends and the people I do life (and especially motherhood) with, daily, weekly, yearly.

And then, just like that, the rain stopped and we were back outside, enjoying the farm.

The only bummer about the rain, was that it made the property so muddy that the Clydesdales couldn't do their sleigh rides due to the risk of spraining an ankle.  But boy were they amazing to look at.
So we just did pretend sleigh rides....
Played in the mud...
...and enjoyed some good ole fashion farm fun, while eating delicious food, laughing and celebrating with friends.

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