Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grffin's Decor Wall

Well, I got Griffin's room done just in time to re-do it for his incoming roomie.  Hattie won't join Griffin in his room for a few months, but we had to make a few adjustments to her room and ours to accommodate the new little one (who should be here in the next two weeks!).
Remember when I finished his headboard
And his curtains?

Well, the opposite wall was going to have some random décor stuff...his name, a tractor, a frame Pa made and some art supplies.
The art supplies were organized with, yep, you guessed it--Ikea stuff.

How cool is the frame my dad made?  And it fits perfectly.  I just added some IKEA postcards of cars.

A quick yarn makeover of a Styrofoam ring...
The adorable carved name signs my mom found at a craft show up north 
And now it's been moved to the other wall to make room for Hattie's side of the room.  Update to come.

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