Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Easter 2014

What?!  Easter recap in September?  There are still bunnies out hopping around so I'm not that off-base.  And I got it in before recapping the 4th of July so I'm still sort of in order:).

Easter is always such a special time.  I tear up whenever I hear an entire congregation respond, "He is Risen, Indeed."  It's pretty amazing when you think of the significance of Easter.  Wow...and yet so hard to teach to little ones. 

I find myself contemplating, how to teach them the meaning without giving them too much information...yet. 

Well for now, Jesus rose from the dead...and we get to do a lot of Easter Egg hunts:).

We did a pretty mild egg decorating project....
 ...we used melted crayons...
 and snacks...
 ...and well, I wouldn't say they belong as a centerpiece.
 But, we had fun.
 It was a great weekend...we did dinner Saturday over at my mom and Ian's.

 And then did brunch on Easter at Woodhill with the live petting farm.
 And Uncle Tom!
 Inan, Meme, Nani, and Pa.
 And if this little girl doesn't capture what you think of when you hear Easter brunch...I don't know what would!

 Nothing like rolling down a big hill in your Easter outfit.
He was already ready to golf...but then again weren't we all!?

 Hattie loves animals so the petting farm was a hit!
 For both of them...though I was a bit weirded out even after washing our hands multiple times that we were going straight to eat....

 And finally, we ended the weekend with dinner at the Woodbury's and another egg hunt with the cousins.  It was a beautiful to remember when next year we'll probably have snow:).

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