Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Apocalypse

The waiting.  Oh....the waiting.  Right now, two days away from my due date and just waiting.  Nesting really kicked in for me around 32 weeks and we got a lot done.  By 37 weeks we felt done and ready for the baby (there is a whole new list of things that could be done now, but that will have to wait). 

So, since 37 weeks...we've been ready.  Knowing full well it probably wouldn't happen until well into my 39th week (Griff and Hattie were each 39 and 3).  But ready none-the-less and waiting.  Now that 39 and 3 has come and gone, and contractions have started and stopped (a few times), I'm a little lost.

Everyday could be his birth day.  And each day could be just like the one previous.  We didn't really plan anything for the last few weeks because we didn't know where we'd be at with BW3.  So all we've really done is preschool and ECFE.  We made it to my first Mom's Morning at CPC, church, small group and a few other last minute social things, but for the most part our calendar is wide open...which is a daunting way to start the day when there may or may not be a baby coming.

Because every day could be the day, I feel a bit like I'm preparing for the baby apocalypse.  I'm not sure why I feel like everything has to be washed, done, put away, clean, tidy, fresh, organized, but it does.  I've done more 1/2 loads of laundry in the last week than in my entire life combined.  The dishwasher is run and emptied more frequently, the toilets cleaned almost daily.  The poor kids probably feel like their toys are off limits because I keep putting them away as soon as they turn to a new one.  Because BW3 is definitely going to be judging us as a family when we bring him home if there is a pile of laundry not yet folded.

And we're only going to be gone for 48 hours at the most?  What's with the food hoarding I'm doing?  I've got meals planned out for weeks and the pantry has enough cereal and snacks to last a month.  Oh, and by the looks of our banana stash, we are a family of monkeys not people (in my defense, Hattie's been eating 2 a day and I just don't want to be caught without a banana for her).

I know some of it has to do with my fear of leaving the house with all three of them and if I'm more than prepared with meals, laundry, etc. than we won't have to worry about a necessary trip to target three days in. 

The waiting is not made easier by all of the concerned family, friends, neighbors who continue to call/text/stop by to ask if today is the day.  Don't get me wrong, I feel very loved and so does BW3 that so many people are wanting to hear, but I promise....we will let you know.  I do know the feeling from having lots of friends have kids that you just want to know when they head off to the hospital so that you can be thinking of/praying for them in those precious moments as they bring that little life into the world.  But just like last time you checked, no change.  1 cm.  That's it.

And I can't call anyone either.  I can hear the excited pause on the other end that's waiting to hear, "this is it!"  and I can also hear the let down when I'm just calling to say hi or tell a Griff/Hattie story, or vent.

But mostly, the waiting is so hard because I'm so excited to meet him.  The biggest let down when the contractions have faded away is that we seemed to have come so close to holding him and then we're back to the guessing game.  I'm also anxiously waiting to tell Griffin and Hattie, "Today is the day we will meet our baby brother!" but the best I can give them is, "soon.  He will be here soon."

And he will be here soon, I know that.  He can't stay inside forever...despite how hard he is trying right now.  And I know that when he comes, life is going to change immensely for all of us.  Right now, days are relatively easy.  It's easy to go somewhere, easy to make spontaneous plans, easy (ish) to get in the car, easy to run errands (or at least one errand), easy to make meals, easy to do nap time, easy to do bedtime.  And soon it will all be a lot harder.  I remember how hard it was when Hattie was born, and I suspect it will be just as hard this time...if not harder.  Not to mention we will be waking up multiple times a night and trying to do all that.  But I want him here.  However hard it is, however it messes up our "easy" lifestyle these days, however it changes how we have to do things as a family, I want him here with us.  I want to snuggle him and bring him home and kiss him.

BW3 we have waited patiently for 39+ weeks for your's time.  We're ready for you.  The laundry is done, meals are prepped, our bags are packed and the house is clean.  You can come.  Anytime.  We already love you so much, we just can't wait to put a face on the sweet little being you already are.  But, if you wait a little longer, that's ok too.  You're still a keeper.  I already love you more than you know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Easter 2014

What?!  Easter recap in September?  There are still bunnies out hopping around so I'm not that off-base.  And I got it in before recapping the 4th of July so I'm still sort of in order:).

Easter is always such a special time.  I tear up whenever I hear an entire congregation respond, "He is Risen, Indeed."  It's pretty amazing when you think of the significance of Easter.  Wow...and yet so hard to teach to little ones. 

I find myself contemplating, how to teach them the meaning without giving them too much information...yet. 

Well for now, Jesus rose from the dead...and we get to do a lot of Easter Egg hunts:).

We did a pretty mild egg decorating project....
 ...we used melted crayons...
 and snacks...
 ...and well, I wouldn't say they belong as a centerpiece.
 But, we had fun.
 It was a great weekend...we did dinner Saturday over at my mom and Ian's.

 And then did brunch on Easter at Woodhill with the live petting farm.
 And Uncle Tom!
 Inan, Meme, Nani, and Pa.
 And if this little girl doesn't capture what you think of when you hear Easter brunch...I don't know what would!

 Nothing like rolling down a big hill in your Easter outfit.
He was already ready to golf...but then again weren't we all!?

 Hattie loves animals so the petting farm was a hit!
 For both of them...though I was a bit weirded out even after washing our hands multiple times that we were going straight to eat....

 And finally, we ended the weekend with dinner at the Woodbury's and another egg hunt with the cousins.  It was a beautiful to remember when next year we'll probably have snow:).

Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Ponies

This might be a post of pictures rather than words, because you just need to experience it yourself.  We went to Two Pony Gardens for their Pizza Night.  It was an incredible evening.  We got there around 4:30 and explored the amazing Dahlia gardens.

We met the ponies...a mom and baby.

Hattie was captivated by Harriet ('Hattie') the pony.

We met some of our dearest friends there and it was the perfect family night.

Made even more perfect by the giant downpour that roared through right as the pizzas were all coming out of the pizza oven.  The incredibly gracious hostess let everyone pack into her house.  We steaked out a spot on the screened in porch, which was the most amazing room. Ever.

Swinging beds that the kids could have played on (and spent the night on had the rain not stopped) for ever.

Her farm cottage was amazing.  Coy fish pond, inviting dining room table for 50, and a piano that led itself to a perfect impromptu sing-along.

And made even better by such wonderful company.  Some of my best girl friends and the people I do life (and especially motherhood) with, daily, weekly, yearly.

And then, just like that, the rain stopped and we were back outside, enjoying the farm.

The only bummer about the rain, was that it made the property so muddy that the Clydesdales couldn't do their sleigh rides due to the risk of spraining an ankle.  But boy were they amazing to look at.
So we just did pretend sleigh rides....
Played in the mud...
...and enjoyed some good ole fashion farm fun, while eating delicious food, laughing and celebrating with friends.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hattie's Dedication

Well, we got Hattie's Dedication in just in time that we didn't have to sign up for a two-for-one.  Just kidding, we wouldn't do that.  But in all seriousness there was an advantage to waiting for her to be 18 months old rather than being just a baby.  We had time to really get to know her and pray for her and pick a verse for her that really fits her.  I had picked this verse and prayed it for her long before she was born.  It's way back in an old journal of mine from Mom's Morning and I remember picking it, but it's grown to be so perfect for her.

It's from Colossians 3:12-14...
12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

We got to read that to her, talk about her....her gentle loving personality, her sweetness, her caution and discernment, and her deep loyalty to the people she loves and trusts.  We got to pray for her, that she would use these qualities to become a strong believer and follower of Jesus and lover of people.

We made lots of commitments in front of our church family, our family and God.

And pray some more.

It was very special to have our family there to support her and us and to finally see our new church building!

We had everyone over after for brunch.  It was a great morning to celebrate Hattie Jean and pray for who she will become and the life she will live.  She is already such an amazing blessing from God, I can only pray that He uses her to be a blessing to others throughout her entire life.  We love you sweet girl!