Monday, August 4, 2014

Uno, dos, TRES!

somewhere in the midst of parenting a pre-schooler and a toddler we found out the exciting news that Baby number 3 is on the way!

This (highly official) announcement is coming a little late....because he will be here in just 6 short weeks (give or take).

Here is the little guy at about 8 weeks...

And here he is at 20 weeks, trying to suck his thumb.
We knew we wanted to find out the baby's gender at our 20 week appointment, but it was so anti-climactic with Hattie (ie. "It's uhhh.....not a boy....don't see any boy parts...uhhhh), that we wanted a bit more of an announcement.  We didn't feel the need to do a big "gender reveal," just wanted it to be more definitive.

So we didn't find out live at the ultrasound, but had the nurse snap some good shots and write it on the picture, and put it in an envelope.  We didn't even wait until we left the appointment...we opened it in the lobby between the ultrasound and visiting with my doctor...It's a boy!
We are beyond thrilled to add this new little one to our family and he has two siblings who can't wait to meet him.  Although Hattie has no idea how her world is going to be rocked by this change, it's time for her to outgrow her thrown as the baby of the family.
To my son, what a blessing you already are to all of us...we can't wait to meet you on (or before:) September 17th!

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