Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm not a little guy...

...I'm a big boy.  That's what I overheard in the dressing room while we were changing out of our swimsuits and into our clothes.  Griff had finished changing before I could finish Hattie and myself so he was waiting just outside and someone had said, "Oh, excuse me little guy."  I just knew what was coming next.  "I'm not a little guy, I'm a big boy."  That's right, turning 3 was apparently synonymous with becoming a big boy.  I was unaware of the milestone, but it seems to be a pretty common theme among three year old conversations, wondering who is bigger or older than whom. 

Back to the subject...turning 3.  Griff turned three on April 8th.  Here are some highlights of his actual birthday morning, and his party.

On the eve of his birthday, I hung streamers and balloons from his door.  A friend of mine did this and boy was it a hit.  It didn't last long, but it sure started the day out right.


He finally got to wear his "three" shirt from Meme, which he was very excited about.  We had a nice family breakfast, with donuts that he and Daddy went to pick out.
He chose chocolate with sprinkles and regretted it, because it made his tummy hurt.

Hattie is sooo close to walking, I had to have the camera ready at all times.

We were going to go to the Train Museum at his request, but it was a relatively nice day so we decided to go to the park and then play ball instead.
For the record, he already thinks he's outgrown T-ball and wants to play "pitch-ball."

This little one is cruising all along the furniture and won't be long!

On the day of Griffin's birthday party (the Saturday after his birthday), we were going to have a game of T-ball at the park with all his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  But, due to a rain delay, we went to Edinbourough to play instead.  Everyone still wore their Twins gear:).

Hattie started walking while at Edinbourough, I'm sure she just wanted to keep up with the big kids.


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