Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flower Clips

If you're looking for a "one naptime" project, (yes, that is a legitimate measure of time in my world) here is one (unless you have all boys, then this one might not be for you).
You will have to get the stuff ahead of time (or you may already have some laying around).  Various colors of fabric/felt, clips, scissors, fabric glue.

Cut various flower shapes in various colors.

Assemble flowers using glue.

Use regular craft glue to glue clips to back of flowers. 
It's not pictured here, but I also cut a piece of matching fabric to cover the side of the clip that is up against the flower.  They seemed a little flimsy otherwise.

And there you have it!  Oh, and repeat as necessary (these are basically disposable the way we lose hair clips:).

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