Friday, August 8, 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi! me, Nate and 16 of our closest high school friends:).  For our 30th birthdays, we decided that rather than doing 16 different dinners/happy hours/nights out, etc. for our high school friends, we would all spend a week together on vacation to celebrate our 30th birthdays. 
The planning of it all was slow to start, because it was hard to please everyone when it came to date, location, amenities, etc., but once we settled it and people started to book got real.  Kids went to grandparents and adults went to Cabo.  Wahoo.
The week started out a little different than we had anticipated.  About 6 weeks earlier, Nate and I had found out that we would be having a 3rd child.  Definitely sooner than we had expected, but thrilled none-the-less.  So our first night in Mexico we broke the news to our friends...thankfully two of my best girlfriends were also pregnant, so I had some comrades in the same boat.
Everything about the trip was perfect.  It was like a honeymoon, babymoon and high school reunion (with people you see weekly anyway) all in one.
We truly relished every moment spent as a couple with no kids...we slept in (as late as we could...ahem...7 am), went for morning runs, ate long breakfasts with coffee and omelets and fruit, fruit, fruit.

We took walks on the beach...
Took lots of selfies (I think that's the first time I've uttered or typed that word...just trying to stay young now that I'm 30:).
And explored Los Cabos.

 Maybe the best thing we did all week was to charter a boat that took us out to the Arch and around on a cruise.
We saw pirates ;) (or at least that's what we told Griff)...

Some went cliff jumping (None of the Woodburys)...Hello!  I'm pregnant and Nate's deathly afraid of sharks.
Saw the Arch...

And Lover's Beach.
One of Nate's co-worker's asked if there would be tons of drama with this many high school friends....I don't think there was even a smidge.  This is a fun group and we have been friends a long time, there is no drama.   Just memories.
On our boat cruise we got way closer to whales than we did when we paid to go whale watching in Carmel. 
Our friends.  Are pretty awesome.
When the sun started to set, and our boat was on its way back, playlists got started....and. WE. DANCED.


On our last morning, we got up extra early to watch the sunrise.  What a way to leave Cabo and turning 30.  Rather than watching the sun set on the last 30 years, we watched it rise on what is to come. 
Nate and I have been through a lot since we were 15, and have now been together longer than we haven't since we were born.  Our friends have seen each other through it all, weddings, illness, loss, dogs, babies, everything.  I can't see how the next 30 years will be any different.
All I know is that turning 30 wasn't so bad, especially when you do it in Cabo with your best friends and your very best friend.  And  to top it all off, when you spend your birthday in Cabo you still get to come home looking forward to being home...with the best thing you've ever done in your first 30 years...your kids.

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