Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Burlap Bulletin

At a recent playdate at our house, the train track came apart.  Well, it was pulled apart by a curious two year old boy, and I decided it was time to transform it.  Maybe it's just because it's summer, but it feels like we haven't played with it in awhile.
 That was until I got it out.  Someone wanted to keep it.  And, we have another little boy on the way... and there is just something about toddlers and trains.
 I wanted to make an aqua burlap bulletin board, but I didn't have enough fabric to cover the plywood from the train table, so I decided to repair the train table and find something else to cover.
 PS-most of my projects these days include one of three (boy, girl or dog) obstacles that I need to work around.  See above picture: Obstacle-girl.

So, in my hunt to find something to cover, I found a flock of posters of Nate playing basketball in high school.  I didn't think he'd mind if I covered one of them.  Plus, it will technically be hung up....just facing the other way:).

I just got out my staple gun and fired away...and you can still see Nate's guns shooting a layup. :)
Obstacle-girl.  (Obstacle-boy is not pictured during this project because he was at Book Buddies).
And, there you have it.  The first step to BW3's to find some ceramic wildlife and other pieces that will bring it all together...yeeehawww.  Oh, did I not mention I'm thinking Cowboy for his room? :)

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