Friday, May 16, 2014

Sleeping Babies

There is something about sleeping's addicting.  It's easy to do when you have an infant because they sleep anywhere and somewhere along the way the novelty wears off.  Until....

...until they stop sleeping anyhow, anywhere.  It's hard to go look at a sleeping baby for fear that they will wake up when they're in that phase.  Or you've gone to great lengths to make the room dark and filled with fake rain and fake wind and opening the door or the creak the floor will let out on your way over to the bed, might possibly wake them.
But, then they start sleeping, soundly.  And through anything.  Lights on, no fan, no sound machine.  I'm addicted to watching my kids sleep.

When I moved Hattie to her own room around 10 weeks or so, I got into the habit of checking her before bed.  It was just habit because we had been putting her to bed in there at 7, and then waking her at 10 for a feeding and keeping her in our room for the rest of the night.  So when we decided it was time for her to sleep in her own room...I just had to go in and check her before bed.   
It was about that time that I got over the fact that I would wake Griffin if I went in there (which is crazy since he's such a good sleeper!) and I started checking him too.
I actually get excited to be done brushing my teeth so I can go check on the kids.  They are so peaceful.  I could pretty much do anything and Griff wouldn't wake up.  I usually just crawl in bed for a few seconds to a few minutes and give him a million kisses, telling him I love him over and over.  The sounds and smells of his little sleeping-ness are intoxicating.

Hattie is a little harder to get close to.  I usually just rub her back and whisper sweet nothings to her.  My friend Janna teeter totters herself over the cribrail to get to her pregnant belly is in the way:).  Just for the sake of goodnight checks, I can't wait for her to be in a big girl all other respects she can wait as long as she wants and keep sleeping in a crib.

I leave their rooms feeling filled with joy.  Proud of who they are, remembering the good moments of the day, and looking forward to the next morning and seeing them again.  If I get into bed without checking them...I can't fall asleep.  I know I need to see them one last time before I dream.  Maybe it will increase the chances that I'll get to see them while I sleep.

I know my babies won't be babies forever.  I know I won't always be able to watch them sleep.  But for now, it is part of my day that brings me close to them.  They look so vulnerable and peaceful and I am reminded of how much they need my prayers and how much they need me no matter what the day brought.  Hattie and Griff-you fill me up with love so thick I can feel it well up in my throat while I watch you sleep.  I am so in love with you make all of my days complete.

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