Monday, May 12, 2014

Dreaming of Cable...

Coming off a few really fun weekends with our cousins had Griffin asking, "when can we go back to Cable?"  The man's got a point.  This spring has been taking an incredibly long time to get here. 
Cable, last August already seems like a really long time ago.  Hattie was just 6 months old and Griffin was still napping.
Hattie didn't have hair, was incredibly attached to me (and still is), but loved snuggling up with Grandma and breathing in the fresh air.
We had a blast hanging with our cousins...
and getting in some good ole family time.
Griffin's highlight might have been boat rides and fishing with Grandpa.

And we all know what Cooper's favorite thing to do was....jump into the water a million and one times after his Frisbee.
Each night we enjoyed a beautiful but cool cruise...
and each day we spent many hours swinging on the porch swing.
The weather was a bit cooler than we had hoped, but the kids didn't care.  They just stayed in their jammies and played.
The two littles.
We took our yearly hike up Mount Telemark with the doggies along.
...and the older boys in backpacks.
The whole crew at the top of the mountain.

We sure did have a great time with our cousins and the grandparents.  Griffin has asked Grandpa and Grandma each time he talks to them, "Can we go back to Cable, soon!?"
We sure hope so!

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