Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Christmas 2013

This last Christmas was as usual, packed full of fun.  We really tried not to do too much, push the kids' schedules too far or stretch ourselves too thin.  We did spread it out, except for the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Post-Christmas three day spree.
We started a few weeks prior, at Bachman's which had a little Christmas program and a Santa to meet.

Griff who loves his uncles Charl and Tom, chose to wear some of their old Christmas clothes...and while Nate thought he looked like a clown, I thought he was adorable.
We met some friends there, and even managed a few group pics.  How cute is sweet Osa!?


Our next task was making Christmas cookies.  After my lesson learned last Valentine's Day, I did the majority of the work myself and then let Griff decorate a few.  His attention span is so short that just a few cookies is the perfect amount.
We packaged them up for all of his teachers and volunteers that help us out throughout the year at our various activities.


Our own family tradition has become Christmas Eve morning.  We just pretend it's really Christmas and we stayed in our PJ's opened presents and ate French toast.

Christmas Eve we go to church with the Woodbury's and then eat dinner at their house.  Since our parents live so close, we have the luxury of being able to run Hattie over to the crib at my parents' house and be back in time for dessert.

Santa even paid a visit to the Woodbury's before making his important rounds for the night.

We spend the night at my parents and then head back over to the Woodbury's for a quick present opening and breakfast.

Then back to my parents to do Christmas morning when my brothers are actually awake:).

Finally we head over to my dad and Sig's for Christmas dinner and then we spend the night there and have a relaxed breakfast the next morning.

Hattie turned 10 months on Christmas Day and it marked the end of a very tough phase for her (and us).  Not to say we won't have more tough phases to come, but all of the sudden our sweet girl was back!

Christmas was an amazingly busy but enjoyable few days and we tried very hard to make it about what it should be about.  We overdid it...and I'm not sure how we could have done things any differently to lighten the load...but we were definitely thankful to have our kids back to their normal states after a few days.

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