Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hattie Jean: 12 Months!

(February 25, 2014)

12 months doesn't quite sound like a year...but ohhh man.  Hattie girl is ONE!  Where has this last year gone?  And here she is, my beautiful baby girl.  Before recapping this little one-year-old, let's revisit the past year and how she's grown and changed.

 One year ago.  February 25th, 2013
 Hattie: 1 Month                                                                  Hattie: 2 Months

 Hattie: 3 Months                                                             Hattie: 4 months

 Hattie: 5 Months                                                                Hattie: 6 Months

 Hattie: 7 Months                                                               Hattie: 8 Months

 Hattie: 9 Months                                                                   Hattie: 10 Months

 Hattie: 11 Months                                                                Hattie: 12 Months

See...we made it!  The passage of time is a very interesting concept, one I'm not even going to try to pretend to understand.  In fact, I feel like I understand it less and less all the time.  How could a year have possibly already gone by?  How could she already be a one-year-old?  And then again, how has it only been one year?  How could this sweet little girl have changed our lives in so many ways in just 12 months?  Well, answers or happened.

Hattie, I know we say it all the time, but you are just sooo sweet.  You crave the nearness of Mommy, Daddy, Griffy and Coopy, but are starting to get a little more bold in your play and interactions.  You eat almost everything in sight, though you favor fruit above all (especially berries and of the berries, blueberries are your favorite, which seems very fitting because your eyes look like blueberries).  You made the transition easily to whole milk, though you still like it in bottles and warmed.  We are first trying to ween you from warm milk, then the bottle.  Please be good to us. :)
 You absolutely adore your brother, Griffin and he adores you.  He tries to take your toys, but you are getting more aggressive in sticking up for yourself.  You are cruising along the furniture all over the place.  Sometimes I'll turn around and wonder how you even got to where you are standing!  Your primary mode of transportation is still the butt-scoot, but you can easily walk while holding just one of my fingers.  It won't be long until you take your first solo steps!  You make the cutest little face when you go hands-free for a proud of yourself with a mouth open, "HAAaaaa."

 You love to stick your tongue out and leave it just between your lips, which leads to lots of humming and raspberries.  You are starting to be more verbal everyday, and you say  "Mamamama," and I'm almost convinced it's directed at me.  I think you can also say, "Mooo," when I ask what a cow says.  You sign "all done" and "more." 

You still sleep like a champ, 7pm-7:30am and really were not sure when you wake up as you are so content to hang out in your crib and wait patiently for us to come get you.  You nap about 1-3:30 ish and wake up so happy.

 Hadley Jean Woodbury, you have enriched our lives in so many ways this last year.  You are so patient and loving, sweet and loyal, observant and careful, joyful and peaceful.  I'm beginning to think Galatians 5:22 suits you well. :)  You have taught me so much about how to be your mom and truly appreciate the special bond we share because you are my daughter.  We love you Hattie, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glitter Jar: Fail

Glitter jars, calm down bottles, whatever you want to call them...have been on our project/to-do list for awhile now.  We finally made the trip to the craft store to pick up the extra supplies we needed and when Griff and Julia (the neighbor girl I watch a few days a week) woke up from naps one day, we decided to have at it.
All you need: clear plastic bottle, glitter glue, clear glue, glitter, warm water.
I didn't get any action shots of the mixing...for fear that glitter bottles would turn into glitter kitchen or worse, glitter house.  But I think you're supposed to put in the hot water first, then the glues to mix well and finally a little extra glitter.
Besides mixing the ingredients in the wrong order, we added WAY TOO much glitter.
The glitter never settles.  So as far as being an effective tool for calming down...there is no end to the falling glitter and therefore is not something a toddler understands.  Can you see the confusion on their faces? :)
I'm sure it would work if you actually followed a set of directions or didn't add an entire container of glitter...or maybe it's too much glue?  Who knows...Griff still likes his, it just doesn't serve its intended purpose:).