Monday, February 24, 2014

Tree Skirting around

For Griffin's first Christmas, I made us family stockings.  I still love them...but when I got them out to hang this year, there wasn't one for Hattie...whomp, whomp.  Luckily I had set aside all of the material that would be needed for up to 3 more last time around (I'm still hoping for 4 kiddos...but I don't think I'm going to win that one....).  So I got out the supplies and made a tree skirt for Hattie girl. 
Just Kidding!  I made her a stocking...but then, I had so much leftover quilted fabric that I just whipped up a quick, and plain tree skirt. 

 I haven't decided yet what the end result will be.  I want to add some decoration to it, but it does the trick for now.

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