Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hattie: 10 Months

Argh!  I even wrote this on time, just forgot to make it live.

Well, Christmas Day Hattie turned 10 months.  This last month might have been the hardest yet.  Emotionally, behaviorally, and in many other ways.  Last we left of she was a happy 9 month old who didn't crawl.  She is now a happy 10 month old who doesn't crawl, though standing, and walking with assistance are her new favorite things.  But, at her 9 month appointment she was referred to a pediatric orthopedic specialist because she was not crawling and our doctor noticed asymmetric thigh folds on her legs (her left leg has an extra roll that her right leg does not), and then a subsequent x-ray revealed that one of her hips was in a slightly more shallow position.

It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me because in my heart of hearts I really thought everything was fine, it was just her personality/disposition/temperament.  However, I didn't want to question the doctors, especially when like most conditions, hip dysplasia has its best outcomes when caught and treated early.  I went back and forth on how I thought, I wasn't truly worried, it would just be something we would deal with.  It would be hardest on me, by far.  Hattie would never know the difference.  She would need to have an open or closed reduction (while anesthetized) and then approximately 3 months in a full body casts.  How do you change a diaper in a cast? Will we have to get a new carseat? How will she ever learn to crawl/walk!?  My mind went wild, but all the while, as I said, I had a peace that whatever the result, we'd be ok.

The appointment was very reassuring.  The nurse, the PA and the doctor all agreed there was nothing indicating hip dysplasia.  We are to go back when she's around 14 months just to make sure that everything has progressed normally and that she is moving toward walking.

So that was the big news.  In smaller news, this was a tough month for all of us because how Hattie has started to grow up.  She was extra clingy to me this month.  It was so difficult on our trip to Florida because if I was in the room....she wanted me, and wasn't afraid to let anyone know it.  She had some pretty regular crabbiness around the dinner hour, and is starting to get pretty frustrated by her own lack of movement.  I'm left to decide....help her walk and risk delaying her trying it on her own, or let her get frustrated and scream.
But, with all of the qualities she started to develop that have made things more difficult for us, she has also started showing us much more of her sweet personality.  She loves to play peek-a-boo behind the curtains while she's eating dinner, and it's hilarious.  My friend Judd once said, "If you find a game that makes a kid laugh, don't try to switch it up...just do it the exact same way a million times in a row...that's what they want."  He is so right.  She wants to be tickled, play peek-a-boo and whatever else gets her laughing, the same way every time.  She always laughs the hardest for Griffin.
Her schedule has stayed very regular.  She sleeps 7pm - 7:30 am and takes usually one nap from 12:30-3:30.  Sometimes she gets really tired in the morning and takes a quick pre-lunch siesta.  She's getting way more interested in finger foods, but still loves her purees so I am happy to keep making them.  She really loves meat, bread and fruit.
Despite this being a tough month, Hattie is still such a little sweetie.  She has started to show her own quiet determination (to make me help her...walk, eat, get that toy, etc.).  She has us all eating right out of her hand.  The little struggles and adversity that this month has brought us have re-focused us on appreciating moments of peace/calm/happy and of course appreciating the health we have.
We love you Hattie girl, what a great Christmas it was, we are so blessed to have you.

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