Friday, January 24, 2014

Griff Over-head-board

It's been so long since this project was completed I don't even remember where my inspiration came from.  But, I do know I wanted to re-purpose one of the pallets we had laying around to hang on Griff's wall.  It ended up looking a little too chunky the way it was so I thought as a headboard it may be more substantial.
I don't have a ton of in-progress shots, but really all it was, was a quick sand and a coat of stain.  I didn't even poly it.  Then I scrambled together some letters and sprayed them white, sprayed the ore we had gray and hung it up.

It ended up being too wide for the area where his bed was so I hauled it to my workshop Pa's garage, and he sawed off a little from each end.  Then I used an anchor system to mount it to the wall (not the bed).

I love it....and the rest of Griffin's room updates are coming soon...promise.:)

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