Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Apple Picking

Last October, we headed to Homestead Orchard (now called Moondance Orcahrds) to pick some apples.  A shout out to this orchard that was recently purchased and is two years pesticide free and after one more year will apply for "organic" status!  It was a chilly day....well, chilly I guess, is all relative.  This time of year 50 degrees seems down right tropical. 
The apple orchard is one of my favorite fall activities.  There is something about the chilly hay ride and sticky fingers from tasting all the apples, that I just love.

 It was our first outing since Griff had decided he was potty trained.  He had decided Friday morning he was no longer going to wear diapers and we left early Saturday morning to head to the orchard.  I was on high-alert for signs of potty breaks, but he was already doing so much better than I could have ever expected. 

 Though we had the potty situation under control, his hair was apparently, NOT.

 Well, all bundled up, we took a hay ride to go feed the horses.

 I sometimes forget how much these two look alike....and then, there it is.

My guys.

Feeding the horses was an unexpected treat...we got to launch apples over the fence to each of them.  What 2 1/2 year old wouldn't love that!

 I guess Nate loved it too:).

 Here he is, in action.

Anytime we can attempt to get all of us in the picture, we do.  Anytime we are all in a picture it is a success.

 To top off an already great morning, we ran into these guys on the way out!  Cousins Levi and Wesley had just arrived to do the same thing!  Next year we'll have to plan it better so our time at the orchard overlaps!

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