Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Griff-isms

This isn't going to make much sense to anyone but me....and even some of the things I wrote down, I don't even remember the true significance or hilarity behind them.  But for the past year or so, I've tried to write down some of the things Griff said so I would remember them.  Here's a re-cap of 2013Griffisms.

Last winter, Griffin was tough to get out the door (and still is) but was easy to get to the grocery store because of the balloons that were littering the ceiling.  I'm sure occasionally people let their helium balloons go and there really isn't a way to get them down.  So, the entire time we were grocery shopping we would be on a balloon scavenger hunt.  We would talk about them, how they would get down, he would even ask some of the workers if they had ladders to get them down.  We haven't checked them in awhile...I wonder if they're still there?!

Before Griffin was potty trained, when he would have a messy variety of the number two category (I tried to be as least-graphic as possible:), he would start whining and saying, "Mom!!! I have honeybuns!" 

When I was pregnant with Hattie we talked a lot about how there was a baby sister in my belly.  When we would sit down at the dinner table to pray, he would point to my belly and ask to pray for baby sister.  One day, he pointed a little north of my belly and asked if there was a baby in there...and I said, "No...but there is milk for the baby in there."  When we began praying he wanted to pray for the  baby sister....AND the milk.:)

This has been the year of storytelling.  Griffin loves to hear stories, real or made up....Over. and over. and over. again. A few of them have been, stories of Nate getting tackled during high school football while waiting for a free catch, a high school basketball story about Nate and a defender both going up for a play at the hoop and falling down on top of each other, Tommy slamming his finger in the door and going to the hospital, and any other silly story about an injury, a spill or something funny.  Because of his love of story telling, I started telling him "Kevin Stories," which are stories about a little boy (Griffin, but his name is Kevin), and he does all of these fun things that Griffin would like to do.  I try to include lessons and teachings, but sometimes, Kevin just goes on a golf cart ride.

Before potty training, when he was just interested in learning and using the potty for fun, and when he became the king of excuses after bedtime to get us to come back in....there was about a month straight when he would call for us to take him to the potty.  And each night he would squeeze out the tiniest little poop.  It was almost amazing how manipulative he learned to be.  There were plenty of other excuses he used too....I need socks, I need foot cream, I need chapstick, I need water, I need to go to the grocery store.....It's so much better now, though he still needs his water, Ferrari, golfcart and goldy gophy sitting next to his bed.

An October quote:
Griffin: I want to wear my big boy undies.  Me: Honey, you can practice with them, but you can't wear them at nap until you go tinkle in the potty all the time...they you'll be potty trained.  Griff: I don't want to be a potty train, I want to be a train driver [for Halloween].
but why???? (summer 2013)

Griffin's favorite PBS kids show is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Mr. Rogers remake) and each show has a little toddler lesson and song.  One of the songs is about how to calm yourself down when you get mad.  It is so cute to see him use it with himself, with his friends when they're mad and even with me when I'm frustrated with him.  He just gets a super serious face and says, "When something makes you mad and you want tor roar, just take a deep breath and count to four."

And finally, Griffin has figured out theorems at the ripe age of 2 1/2.  You know the kind you did in middle school math and science, "If a is true and b is true, than ab is true."  He has mastered the following...."Dada, do you like good boys?  Are I'm a good boy? Can I watch a Donald Duck?" 

Yes, Griffin you are a good boy.  You're an incredibly thoughtful 2 year old and we love watching you think and hearing what goes on in your mind.  Even as I write this, you called me back into your room to ask if I could fall into the toilet, would I go down the hole to be with the bugs and their friends?"  There isn't anything you can't accomplish with critical thinking like that.

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