Monday, November 25, 2013

Hattie: 9 months

It happened again.  I blinked and Hattie got another month older.  Soon I will be calling her my little lady instead of my little sweet pea, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Hattie.  As 9 month olds go, you are pretty darn near perfect.  You just popped your first tooth out (your bottom left), and you have all kinds of new babble phrases.  You still are immobile, but we're not complaining.   I think that since Griffin just brings the fun to you, there is no real motivation for you to start moving.  You sit like a champ and have mastered the sitting-lunge when you really want to get something.  You love to wave your arms and clap your hands.  It has been fun to watch your cognitive development this month, as you really understand games like peek-a-boo and "How big is Hattie?" You even play peek-a-boo behind the dining room curtains while you're in your high chair (and you sometimes use them as your napkin:).
 Your schedule hasn't changed much, still sleeping 7pm-7/7:30 am.  You nurse/eat breakfast (bananas and baby oatmeal), play, sometimes take a quick snooze around 10:30, nurse/lunch around noon, afternoon nap 1-3:30/4, nurse/snack, dinner at 5:30 and nurse and to bed at 7.  And I don't know if it is a second child thing or what, but you are so easy to put down.  I just put you in your sleepsack with a nuk and a silky and you just chatter until you fall asleep.  You usually sleep on your back but have started to sleep on your side, but never your stomach.  Sometimes when you're on your side and you roll too close to your stomach, you fling yourself back to your's pretty funny.  And Hattie girl, you wake up so happy.  I love hearing you from my bed or the kitchen, just cooing, babbling.  I'm not sure how long you would babble before you started to cry because after even a few minutes I just can't wait to see you.  You love your bathies.  You could sit and splash in the tub for hours.  We recently took you to the pool at Lifetime and you just sat and splashed while watching all of the big kids swim.  Our trip to Florida can't come soon enough!

You eat all kinds of foods now, but you're not wild about grabbing at pieces of cut up food.  You still love to be spoon fed the mashed up stuff (I think you just like to get your tummy fed first and then start toying with the idea of finger foods).  You really love chicken noodle downed a ton over at Auntie Liss and Uncle Joe's!
 Hattie, as it is Thanksgiving week, I just want you to know how Thankful you are for your brother.  He entertains you nonstop, he tickles you, makes you laugh, plays peek-a-boo and even tries to get me to wake you up from naps when he misses you.  Today he saved you from trying to eat a Band-Aid, and he told on dada when he tried to "put the little sweet pea to bed without a song."  He makes up cute little nicknames for your, like "my little day-day," "Hattie-girl," "sweet pea," and so many others.  I can only hope that once you can reach his toys, he still treats you so well.  And while I'm so not ready for you to be a teen, I'm certain you'll have Griff looking out for you.

You still cling to your mamma, especially in new situations.  You are cautious and hesitant, taking in all of the new information before letting your guard down.  But then, you do, and you giggle and smile and make eyes at everyone.  When you spend time away from me, you do very well.  The ladies at MOPS all say that you are just the sweetest little thing.  I just try to make sure that when I hand you over you don't see me leave.  If I'm around and you're not in my arms, everyone is going to hear about it. :)  I do love how much you love to be with me, I love being with you too.  And I am sooooo thankful for you, you have changed my life and you make it better,

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