Friday, October 11, 2013

This Season

When I started writing this blog (2+ years ago!), I had lofty goals of being a mother and a family with a baby.  I wanted to continue DIY-ing things around my house, crafting, traveling, cooking, socializing, exercising, eating out and add to that learning how to parent and how to include or work around having kids amidst the above activities. 

The transition from one kids to two was not all that hard.  When you already have a child, it's not that much more work to add another one.  Your schedule doesn't change all that much, you're pretty used to a new standard of "picked up," a new standard for crumbs in your car and purse and a new standard of how many boogers need to accumulate to necessitate a nose-wipe. 

However, when it was just Griff I could count on a minimum of 2 1/2 hours and up to 4 1/2 hours of naptime each day to craft, DIY, clean, cook, blog, etc.  Now with two, I have predictably 1 that they are both sleeping.  Sometimes up to 2 1/2, but never more.  Part of that is that Griffin's naps are getting shorter and Hattie's are still two-a-days so they are also pretty short.  I'm not complaining, I only have one hour so I'm not left with enough time in a day to complain.

On top of that, I started watching a friend's daughter, Julia.  Who is awesome.  She's such a little sweetie, but I went from mother of one to two to three in a matter of months.  Julia and Griff have a blast together and Hattie loves watching them, but it means that I have to be on my game, all the time.

So, my goals of keeping up all of my hobbies, interests, friendships etc., have not fallen by the wayside.  I'm just trying to be realistic about this season of my life.  This is not a season of life that I have a ton of disposable time.  There will be another season for that.  The disposable time I do have, I need to choose wisely on what it is spent.  Crafts take longer....weeks longer.  Blogs remain drafts for longer...months longer.  DIY projects remain to-do lists longer....years longer.

But we are living our life exactly the way we want to.  With our kids.  Especially being blessed to be home with them, they deserve the best of my time.  All the time.  Not that I don't need and take breaks, I do and I'm working on being better at that.  In this season of life, my house won't look the exact way I want it to, project ideas will stay ideas, Pinterest is just some website I used to look at, and will someday again search for creative inspiration, and my kids will apparently put underpants on their head.  But until a new season arrives, I don't feel guilty just living, and letting those me-projects brew in the back of my head, or sneak in here and there.  Right now, it is a season for DIY parenting...and I'm all in.

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