Friday, October 18, 2013

Bubbling friendship

In case you hadn't noticed....I have a little boy who likes to explore his curiosity. His partner in crime?  Cooper, the dog. 
Late in my pregnancy when I was slightly less mobile, and in Hattie's infancy while I was nursing quite frequently, Cooper was a lifesaver.  Playing and entertaining Griffin to no end.  He is the sweetest, snuggliest, exercise-crazed dog that you've ever met and his best quality is how much he loves the kids and will do anything for them, or let anything be done to him. 
Poor guy doesn't quite get the same kind of attention he used to...Frisbee runs has turned into getting "bubbled."  Everyone has to grow up sometime, Coop.

Happy Friday...Can you tell we're already nostalgic for summer around here?

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