Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Nope...this isn't about flying with babies/toddlers.  It's about how if you want to get on the good side of a toddler boy, you take him to the cell phone lot at the airport.  This was originally a ploy to keep Griffin occupied while his baby sister took a car-snooze, but it has turned into one of our favorite 30 minute adventures.  It usually happens after a trip to IKEA since it's right next to the airport in Minneapolis, so that obviously implies that we have also snagged a bag of Swedish Fish for our viewing pleasure.
 Griff gets to come up to the front seat and sit while the planes take off and land right in front of us.  We like to talk about if the planes are coming or going, taking off or landing, and where they are going to/coming from.  It always ends with him saying that he wants to go on an airplane trip (usually to Georgia).
 I think he really feels like a big boy, getting to sit in the front...or maybe it's just the handful of Swedish Fish that keeps him happy, but it's an activity he requests all the time.  I love that he loves to do it, because it is one of the things I remember my dad doing with us when we were little.
Sometimes Nate and I are a little sad that Griffin is so young and won't remember all of the fun things we do together. But, we just keep telling ourselves that even though he won't remember them, all of these positive experiences and adventures, they are shaping who he is and the boy, young man and gentleman he'll become.

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