Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Commodoring Curtains

Griffin's room has undergone lots of little projects in the last year.  And it's taken me awhile to update the progress.  One of the first changes it underwent was to boy-up the curtains.  When this room was Griff's nursery, it was pretty neutral with touches of color and splashes of boy.  Now that he's a toddler and I know what his interests are, I wanted his room to reflect a bit more of who he is.
Here is a quick before and after (different window shots).

I wanted his room to have a hint of nautical, hint of other modes of transportation.  So, I looked high and low for some blue/navy striped or chevron curtains.  And curtains my friend, are expensive!  Even the cheap ones.  So I headed back to get a set of my tried and true, IKEA Merete.  We have these in our living room and love them.  They have the nice grommet holes on the top, and they are sheer but heavy. 
So, I washed and ironed them and spread them out in the living room.
I decided each stripe should be 9" thick, so I made a cardboard template and traced my lines out.
I made marks on each side and then connected them. 
Then I used blue painters tape, making sure to put the tape on the side of the pencil line that would be the white stripe (so the entire blue stripe would get paint).  That's why they look to be big and small...I assure you, they will all turn out to be 9".
Then, naptime was over so I folded them up.  To be continued.
At the next available naptime (weeks later, perhaps), I put down some drop clothes and got to painting.
I used a quart of paint in the Glidden/Home Depot version of Sherwin William's Commodore.  A perfect name for this project.  I love it when your paint name fits the room/project.
Then I got to painting.
I put the other one on the dining room table while I finished the second one.
I used almost the entire quart on the two panels.
And there was no bleeding through, just a little on the drop clothes where I went over the edge.

Here's the before again....
And after!  There is another project lurking at the head of his bed that I've yet to document (coming soon!).
I also attached the blackout curtains like I had done before, so his room still gets nice and dark at naptime, but has a cool nautical feel during the day.
He loves it when I work on a project for him.  In fact, he likes to play, "put mamma to bed." And when he does, he says, "Goodnight Mom, I'm going to work on a project for you."

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hattie: 8 months

October 25, 2013
Well the only thing sweeter than Hattie Girl, is that Griffin has nicked named her Sweet Pea.  And that she is....

 See that pursed lip look?  That's her little smirk and it's there all the time.  She must know something the rest of us don't, because she's always smirking.  Her smirk has turned into blowing burgers with her cheeks all puffed out.  While it is a completely acceptable baby behavior, I hope it doesn't last into her teenage years.

She happy and content 98% of the day.  She loves to sit amidst her toys, next to Griffy or with Mommy or Daddy.  She is an observer but she is becoming more of a player.  She loves to play with toys, try to reach for new ones, and everything goes in her mouth.  She's starting to slap toys together and even sometimes clap.  She waves her arms all over the place and is developing some more sounds.  "AHHHhhhhh,  "OOOOoooohhhh," and "Daaaadaadaa," are her three main ones.

She's still on a really good schedule.  7:30 wake up, nurse, breakfast (bananas and cereal), 10-11 nap, 11:30/12-lunch, 1:30-3/3:30 nap, 4-nurse, 6-dinner 7-bed.  She's super predictable and her only fussy time is from 6:30-7....mainly because she is so tired and just wants to go to bed.  The best way to use that time is to put her in the bath.  She loves it.  She flaps her arms and splashes up a storm.

She also eats up a storm.  She loves her food, and to be completely honest, so do I.  On more than one occasion, I've eaten some of her acorn squash before it made it to her plate:).  I think we're almost ready to start finger foods, but for now, we're sticking with puffs and pureed food.

Hattie is a Mamma's girl.  Especially when hungry or tired.  If she can see me, but isn't with me, she gets antsy.  She's perfectly fine with other caregivers if I'm not around, but when I'm in sight, she wants me.  I do think she's a Daddy's girl at heart.  Her entire face lights up when he gets home.  He can get her roaring with laughter within minutes of picking her up.  She loves to sit in the walker or the janey jumper, but still no movement....and I'm completely fine with that.  No teeth, also completely fine with that as it makes nursing much less of a threat:).

 Hattie is such a good sport.  She misses naps or naps on the fly most mornings because we are so busy keeping busy. And she is so happy to watch Griff play whatever it is he wants to play.  Her little baby hugs with her head buried in my shoulder, melt me and her little smile, smirk and scrunched nose look are starting to show glimpses of her personality. Hattie Girl, Sweet Pea...you amaze me already with your lovingkindness and sweetness.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bubbling friendship

In case you hadn't noticed....I have a little boy who likes to explore his curiosity. His partner in crime?  Cooper, the dog. 
Late in my pregnancy when I was slightly less mobile, and in Hattie's infancy while I was nursing quite frequently, Cooper was a lifesaver.  Playing and entertaining Griffin to no end.  He is the sweetest, snuggliest, exercise-crazed dog that you've ever met and his best quality is how much he loves the kids and will do anything for them, or let anything be done to him. 
Poor guy doesn't quite get the same kind of attention he used to...Frisbee runs has turned into getting "bubbled."  Everyone has to grow up sometime, Coop.

Happy Friday...Can you tell we're already nostalgic for summer around here?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Painting the hall frames white

Bet you can't guess what I did by the title.  Just kidding. :)  This wasn't a super creative DIY project, or post title, clearly.  But it was one of my first projects after having Hattie.  Once she fell into a predictable schedule, I felt I could finally do a few things that had been long overdue.  One of them was...yep, you guessed it...painting the hall frames white.

The stairway to our basement is covered with frames.  A project I did awhile back.  But I had just used whatever random frames were hanging around (no pun intended) and just mishmashed them wherever they fit.  Finally, it was time to make them look somewhat uniform.
So, white it was.  I think I did 4-5 thin coats of white spray paint.  Changed out some pictures and hung them back up.
Oh, and I labeled the frames 1-21 with post-it notes so I would know which one went where on the wall.
Then, I hung them all back up.  The only one I didn't spray was the big black frame in the middle.  It has a white matting and I thought it looked nice since all the picture I used were in black and white.
 I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I go get the laundry to see these adorable faces the whole way down.

 It was a good first project to get back into the swing of things.  Just happened to take a few months to write it down.


Monday, October 14, 2013

The DC Twins

Again, not to be confused with the Minnesota Twins, they unfortunately are not worthy of any kind of post after the season they put together.  The DC Twins on the other hand, are the most adorable little twin girls...and they came to Minnesota!
It was an amazing weekend.  It was far too short because Megan, Danny, Brooklyn and Hailey are some of our dearest friends and we only get to see them once or twice a year, if we are lucky.  They flew in on a Friday afternoon....(their first plane ride!), and made themselves right at home. 
We fed the kids, put them down so they could catch up on sleep and we could have a fun-filled packed Saturday of Minnesota summer fun.
They are quite difficult to photograph since they are always moving.  Not just moving, but hopping.  On their knees.  So enthusiastically that Meg put kneepads on them:).

They are identical twins, but after spending even a little bit of time with them, they are easy to tell apart (and if they are dressed in similar outfits, Brooklyn is usually the one in blue/purple and Hailey is in pink).
Griffin LOVED them.  He met them when they were just babies and he was 15 months old, but I think it was really fun for him to have them "sleepover" at his house.  He could tell them apart right away.
Griffin overheard Danny say, "SSSHhhhhh, the girls are sleeping," and thought it was so funny, and kept repeating all weekend long.  As if I've never said that before about Hattie.  Needless to say, Griffin loved Danny immediately.
Here they are hopping along, Griff joined right in.
We tried for some obligatory group pictures...and that's all we got.  Documentation.  No framers....
This is a pretty good example of how different they look. :)
Oh the girls.  They are so cute together.
Can't you just feel the love!
And Megan, what an amazing mom.  She works her butt off as an orthopedic surgeon, so she doesn't get a ton of time with them during the week.  But whenever I see her with them, I'm amazed.  She loves them so much and you can see it in every glimpse she gives them, every word she utters and all of the kisses she sneaks in.  What a fun experience to see this person I love so much, love on her babies.
And I can't forget to mention Danny.  Because of Megan's crazy doctor hours, Danny takes on the role I do...primary care-giver, bather, chef, feeder, etc. on top of his day job.  He is so good with them.  He even does the grocery shopping, and buys all of the right stuff. :)  When I was in NY for the girls' baptism, some mom's were commiserating about how difficult it is when husbands work late.  And I heard Danny lean over to Meg and say, "See, I do pretty good, don't I?"  Yes Danny, you're better that pretty good.
Saturday morning the boys went golfing and we braved Lake Calhoun with 4 kids under 2.  We made it the whole way around and even spent a good amount of time at the playground.  We overstayed our welcome by about five minutes, but don't you always?!

Love.  Hoya class of 2033 and 2034.
Quite possibly the most amazing thing about the girls, is the amount of food they can take down.  Piles upon piles upon piles.  Wow.
Hattie was a little too little to play with the big kids, but she sure liked to watch.
Their visit was in June and Hattie had a blocked tear duct from birth until the fourth of July.  Oddly enough this is the only picture it's noticeable.
It wasn't the nicest Minnesota summer Saturday ever, but we still put on swimsuits and played in the water table in the back yard.  How cute are they in their suits!
It also happened to be Nate's 30th birthday so we had a backyard BBQ and invited some of our high school friends which is so fun because Megan knows so much about them and vice versa that it's nice to put faces with names again (our wedding was the last time...5 years ago!).
More obligatory group photos....in matching denim rompers.
The Paulus Family....oh, how I love them so much....
You can see it in this picture.  The Love....the goofiness, the family.  Though we get to see them very little, Megan and I have remained so close for so long...I know we will continue to keep in touch as our kids grow up and someday will be reunited at Georgetown Parent's Weekend in 2030.