Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MOA date

Today is the first day of school.  I'm especially sad about that this year because my friend Keidra who has Charlotte (2) and Parker (6 months) is going back to work.  She and I had Griffin and Charlotte the same spring and got together regularly.  Then we found out we were pregnant with Hattie and Parker and were due just a week apart.  They were born 4 days apart and we missed seeing them in the hospital by 2 days.  We've gotten together weekly since the first week in March and even a lot before that when she had her doctor appointments.  We will so dearly miss seeing them each week, but will be intentional about getting together throughout the school year.  This was one of our last outing dates of the summer.
It was a rainly day so we headed to the Mall of America.  The littles spent most of the time in the stroller.
And we took turns taking Griff and Charlotte on the rides.  Griffin only wanted to ride the trucks, but that was to be expected:).

These two really love each other and I am sad they won't see each other all the time (and of course I will miss seeing Keidra), but we had such a memorable summer together and we have lots of documentation just in case Charlotte and Griff and or Parker and Hattie get married someday!

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