Monday, August 26, 2013

Wise words from Janna

My great friend Janna has two boys.  Adorable boys.  They are such well behaved, sweet, playful boys that I always love seeing when they come to town.  She is one of my go-to mom's for advice because Jack is older than Griff.  So, when I'm going through something with Griff, chances are she's gone through it.
Anyway, one of the best pieces of advice she's given me (so far) was to teach my boy to compliment me.  Not that I want him to robotically send compliments my way, but I do want my boy to someday compliment his wife, so we're practicing. 
So the other day we were outside and Griff and I were walking around the garden and I showed him how to pick a daisy.  Then I said when you really like someone, you can give them a flower and say for example, "Mama, you're so pretty."
A few days later, unprompted, he did it.  Parenting success.  And then he crumbled the flower. :)
How do I know it's not just rote?  He heard Nate say the other day at dinner that "Mom is such a good cook," and mid-dinner Griff says, "Mama, you're such a good cooker."
So Janna, hats off to you!  You made my day!:)

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