Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, Brother, where have thou been?

I got a Brother.  No, not the kind you are thinking of:).  A new Brother sewing machine!

And oh how this guy saves me time!  And got me inspired to sew again!  I was using my grandma's old sewing machine that no longer could wind a bobbin, so I would have to manually do it.  And it would get all caught up and tangled all the time.  Ugh.

So, I got this brand new shiny sewing machine for my birthday (or maybe it was Christmas?) and it took me until now to open it and read the manual.  But it was worth it!  It winds bobbins, loads the under-thread by itself and even threads its own needle!  Not to mention the precision with which it sews....amazing!  Anyway...I was quickly motivated to get right back into it...making nursing covers and personalized burp towels!

 First I make the trim...
 Then, I sew on the inital....
 And then I sew on the trim and voila!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pa's Tractor

Well, this pretty much made Griffin's day, week, month!?  He got to ride a tractor with Pa!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hattie: 6 months!

Only a day late...phew!  And holy cow...Hattie is one half of a year old.  Where has my little infant gone!?  Here she is, my sweet little girl.  Killer eyes that just stare at you for days.  A constant little smirk that easily becomes a giggle.  She is this precious little girl that loves to be around people, loves to be held, and loves to have a conversation with anyone.  She does get antsy when Mommy and Daddy leave the room, and she is constantly looking for Griffin and Cooper too.

Her 6 month doctor appointment is not until next week so I'll have to update her stats.  She wears 6-12 month or 9 month clothes and has the chubbiest little thighs (oxymoron much?:).  She has strawberry blond hair that is turning more and more blond by the day.  It has a little wave to it when it's freshly washed but it is so fine it lays pretty flat most of the time.

She has recently started experimenting with solid foods. She loves oatmeal cereal (not so much rice cereal), peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and pears. Although her first taste of many of these wasn't so convincing.

She has changed up her schedule a bit. She still wakes up around 7 and nurses first then oatmeal and fruit. She naps from 9:30-11 ish and then nurses again. Nap 1:30-3 ish and then nurses and eats "dinner" (oatmeal and some veggies). She drinks a bottle at around 6:30/7 and then to bed she goes. She is getting harder and harder to nurse because she is so distracted by everything around her so I've been pumping more, despite my goal of "nursing and not pumping." Oh well....what my baby wants, my baby gets:).

She is so good at falling asleep on her own. She likes to sleep in a sleepsack with a nuk and a little silky blankie, and just be put in her crib. She talks for awhile before falling asleep, and wakes up happy.

She is also starting to sit! My favorite baby stage...sitting but not yet crawling! Griffin is loving it too because he loves to entertain her. She is still a little unreliable so she needs the boppy just in case, but it has allowed us to be more productive because I can put her down and actually use two hands on something (if she'll let me leave the room!).

Hadley Jean, you are still such a little sweetheart, melting us with every little smirk and giggle.  You have our whole hearts already and we love watching you grow.  Your bright eyes light up the room and your little hugs give me lumpers.  Hattie I can't believe you're already halfway to 1 year...we love you so much!

Wise words from Janna

My great friend Janna has two boys.  Adorable boys.  They are such well behaved, sweet, playful boys that I always love seeing when they come to town.  She is one of my go-to mom's for advice because Jack is older than Griff.  So, when I'm going through something with Griff, chances are she's gone through it.
Anyway, one of the best pieces of advice she's given me (so far) was to teach my boy to compliment me.  Not that I want him to robotically send compliments my way, but I do want my boy to someday compliment his wife, so we're practicing. 
So the other day we were outside and Griff and I were walking around the garden and I showed him how to pick a daisy.  Then I said when you really like someone, you can give them a flower and say for example, "Mama, you're so pretty."
A few days later, unprompted, he did it.  Parenting success.  And then he crumbled the flower. :)
How do I know it's not just rote?  He heard Nate say the other day at dinner that "Mom is such a good cook," and mid-dinner Griff says, "Mama, you're such a good cooker."
So Janna, hats off to you!  You made my day!:)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Precious words

I had to ask him again to make sure I heard it right....
But yes, amidst the ball throwing/batting, he says, "I love my sister."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fireworks Fail

 Happy 4th of....almost September?!  Time...please stop moving so fast!  Anyway, for Independence Day this year, we went down to Wayzata for pancakes, beaches, picnics, pools, golf and fireworks.
Hattie was festive.

 Grandma took the kids out on the dock to watch boats...

 Cousin Wesley showed off his beautiful smile and walking skills!
 Griffin and Levi were reunited, and loved seeing each other as usual.

 The three boys.
My boy.
 Grandpa and Hattie.
 Griff and Daddy.

 One of our only pics of the four of us.
 Nani and Pa with Hattie.
 Meme and Hattie
 Griff taking an afternoon dip.
Our day up until this point was great.  This is where our picture documentation ends, and probably for good reason.  We ended up finishing dinner at Woodhill at about 8:30 and figured we'd try to stick around for fireworks at 9:30 since we'd already made it so far. 

Fail.  Well, half-fail.  Hattie slept through them.  Griff liked them for about 10 seconds and then started wailing.  Thankfully we had an easy escape route.  He liked them from the car the whole way home....maybe next year!