Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toddlers and Trains: Part 2

One of our first outings as a family of four was to the Train Museum at Bandana Square.  Let's call it a train phase.  On one of the first weekends the Streetcar at Lake Harriet started to run, we were on it.
It's a perfect toddler activity because it's short.  I think from start to finish it was 16 minutes.  We made a little day of it so it was slightly longer, but the train ride itself was perfect for first timers like Griff.
It was May and it was freezing.  We parked in Linden Hills and went to Wild Rumpus, Creative Kidstuff and got sandwiches from Clancey's.
We left the stroller in the car, got our tokens and boarded.
Hattie loved the ride too!
Apparently the token sale-booth had lollipops for sale as well, so the boys indulged.
It was so fun to do something that was so exciting for Griff.  He remembers it very clearly, and in fact, we can't walk Lake Harriet without talking all about it.  We (I) even have to time our walk back to our car so that the streetcar is NOT at the station, otherwise we would definitely have to ride it every time!

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