Monday, July 22, 2013

New definition of "dates"

Well, two kids definitely makes it harder to have "date night."  Especially Hattie being so young, and still nursing. Our parents are so good at offering their time to spend it with the grandkids, but it is just a hassle with a newborn and toddler. 
The other problem is that our schedule is already so busy that it is hard to actually find a date that works. 
So one random weekend day, my mom called and wanted to see the kids.  So we scooped them into the car with all of their gear and headed to her house, dropped them off and headed to the golf course.  It was a gorgeous day, clear blue sky and perfect temp. On hole 6 it started pouring, out of nowhere.  Then the sirens went off, so our decision was made easy. 
Rather than letting the rain ruin our impromptu date, we camped out on the porch of the clubhouse and continued our date.  Like I said, different.  Not bad, just different than what it used to look like.
We also try to spend at least a little time each night, with just each other.  After the kids are asleep, sometimes it can feel like there is so much to do, or all you want to do is sit on the couch and veg.  But we try to make it a point to focus on each other.  Cribbage is how we do that.  We have a running total of wins/losses for the past few years, and I will humbly admit that I'm on a bit of a losing streak.  Win or lose, it seems to prompt good conversation and quality time as if we were on a date in our own porch.  Again, just different.
Kids have caused us to get a little creative with dates, but what really matters is making each other a priority, giving each other focused attention, and spending quality time together.  Plus, sure does make us appreciate a dinner date out on the town!

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