Friday, July 19, 2013


I recently read (well, started reading) 1000 Gifts.  While I haven't finished it, it has prompted some thinking or some realizing, the gifts I am surrounded by,  I take lots of pictures on my phone, some make it to instagram, facebook, etc. So, in case that's the only place they make it, here are some moments, I've captured in the last month or so.
Here they are.  My three main gifts.  Nate, Griffin and Hattie.
Griffin playing outside and having fun with water. In really cold weather.
Hattie, watching big brother.  All the time.

Baby Hattie.

Sleeping and snuggling.

Griffin playing with me, always.

Griff putting on a show, Hattie watching.
Watching your parents love your kids.

Fresh flowers and neighborhood wildlife.

Hattie, always a good sport, tagging along to Griffin's activities.  And her beautiful wide eyes that make you never want to look away.

 The faces that make me smile hundreds of times, every day.

 Watching them learn new things, like recognizing me.  Realizing your kids love you.

 Being goofy.
 Backyard hanging.
 I will remember this summer as the summer I sat in the shade with Hattie while we watched Griff, cheered for Griff, laughed at/with Griff and sat looking at each other, making each other smile.

 Mama and Hattie time.
 Savouring baby-ness.

 Watching her sleep.

 Watching Griffin and Cooper play, tease and fall in love with each other.
 And once again, my daily blessings. 

 Cooper too.

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